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the real Pie Day

With the geometry work we've been doing this year, Pi Day felt like something we could really pay attention to. (There may, unrelated to anything else to do with this post, have been some discussion this morning at the breakfast table about how many digits any of us could remember of that famous non-repeating, non-terminating decimal.) But really, to me the significant Pie Day was yesterday, May 9: the day I made the first rhubarb pie of the year.

a rhubarb pie (and a bread) on our back porch table, watched over by Scout

Scout is interested in cooling baked goods

I could have made one earlier, as far as the rhubarb was concerned: it was lack of time that held me back. But that doesn't matter, because it's having pie that we want to celebrate. Harvey and I, at least; the other boys don't care for it. Luckily they were able to fall back on the brownies I made on Saturday and the M&M cookies Leah made on Sunday. We ate the first slices of it after supper yesterday, and there's now either one big piece or two little ones left. You see how excited we were. Suffice it to say there will be more pies before long... the season has begun!

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