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Lexington remains undiscovered

On Thursday on my way to pick up the boys in Lexington (and ride in the woods there) I noticed a sign advertising Discovery Day on Saturday. A street fair seemed like just the thing for a Saturday outing, so come 10:00 Saturday morning we got out the bikes, packed up lots of water—but no food, since for sure there would be lots of treats to buy!—and headed up the bike path. We also brought raincoats, since there was a chance of thunderstorms later in the afternoon and we didn't know how long we'd be out, but the weather was beautiful as we rode on our outward leg. Cloudy, mild enough that the humidity wasn't oppressive, and a little falling mist but nothing to make us any wet. So imagine our surprise when we reached Lexington Center only to find a sign—handwritten, taped to the signboard but mostly falling off—telling the world that Discovery Day had been cancelled due to weather.

What weather?! We were some disappointed, I can tell you. Happily Lexington Center is a diverting place even in the absence of a street fair, and a visit to the library—where we haven't been for years, it seems like—and the visitor center kept things feeling entertaining. Of couse, we also needed to find food! We ended up going to Via Lago for a takeout meal that was quite a bit more expensive than what we would have bought at the fair, but probably a whole lot better too. And then we climbed some trees and played cornhole on the court thingy they had set up there.

the boys eating at a picnic table outside the Lexington visitor center

classy picnic

Oh, and there was also a fairy house and garden tour advertised on signs all over the place, which we mostly ignored until we stumbled upon a little fairy village tucked under some trees on the edge of the lawn by Buckman Tavern. It would have been even better if there were more moveable parts for the boys to play with, but even as it was it felt like a pretty good discovery.

Elijah sitting above a fairy house town


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