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the rain

Most of this summer was dry, very dry. Ponds were empty, lawns were yellow (except for half the houses in town where they were watering heavily) and even trees were suffering. We didn't water our lawn, but I definitely spent some time in the garden with the hose; even so, it was a tough year for things like cucumbers and beans. Then towards fall the rain came, and it was amazing to see how things greened right up. Now lately it feels like it's been raining half the time. I love seeing the brooks flowing full, and it's so fun to see the kids playing and working outside in the rain like real farmers. Sure, there's some more painting I want to do that's been held up, and rain this time of year only makes the decay that's already part of the October garden even more disgusting. Plus when it's pouring rain at night it makes me worry about what all I might have left out, or left open! It was pouring rain last night. Still, on balance I'm in favor. Bring on the rain! And then the snow?

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