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this one's for Oona

I stayed up late watching the Seattle-Denver playoff game last night, since I had to help cheer on Oona's team. It was worth it anyways, though, because what an ending that game had! I only wished they could have reversed the order they played yesterday's two games, because the "early" game (a 4:45 start counts as early for us poor benighted folks on the east coast) was so boring I would have had no trouble leaving it to go to bed. Oh well. Congratulations Seahawks, and off to watch the home town squad!


Hmm...that's kinda funny because Oona and I were bad Seattlites and didn't watch the game. We watched a French movie instead. But, um, Go Seahawks!

Oh yeah...I forgot to mention...I've never met you, but I've been spying on you for months now. It's wonderful that there are people who actually do bizarre things like update their blogs more often than they do taxes.

yeah, I was bad...watched the Girl on the Bridge instead of the Hawks...but thanks for watching them for me Dan! :)

Oh, great, and now you're going to tell me you didn't watch the Patriots game either! Well, they won, so you have another chance. :D

And thanks for reading, Josh... I hope we're at least a little bit entertaining.

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