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restrospective via spam

I cleaned out the old comments this evening, getting rid of all the ringtones spam that was cluttering up good handful of entries. Why ringtones? Maybe it was Leah salivating over the Sidekick last year that drew their attention. Still, the ringtones spam is better than the sex spam or the random letter spam, some of which was also represented. Anyways, it's all gone now, except for a few messages I left on Leah's Bobo post cause they're funny.

In the course of all that deleting, I read many of the old posts. We were pretty funny back then. What happened?! I fear we will never live up to our glory days of, um eight months ago or whatever. Thank you, dear readers, for sticking with us: we promise to take inspiration from the humorous posts of yesteryear and once again deliver you an enjoyable reading experience! At least, I do. Leah's posts are always pretty quality.

That promise applies especially to Oona, who, I find, has commented on about 7000% more of our posts than any other individual. In return for your kindness I promise to comment frequently and at length on your blog (that's Oonams' totally awesome blog to you search engines, if you're reading) if you ever post again. I still check at least once a week!


I promise to one day post again on my blog! PROMISE! This is really just a test to see who even bothers to read my blog...which by now is apparently no one since I never post. But just think of how exciting it'll be when you go to check my blog, expect there to be no update...and WHAM! A new post :-) Boy, now I'm feeling the first post back better be a good one!

And the reason I ALWAYS comment is cause you guys are great! Plus this is my way of keeping up with your lives from all the way on the other side of the continent :-)

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