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So, AT&T or Cingular or whoever they are now were holding me hostage, threatening to shut off service to my phone because it's too old or something. Like, they were happy enough for me to keep paying through all those years of terrible service, but when they decide there aren't enough TDMA subscribers to make running the network worth their while they just chucked me right out. Where's the justice in that?! So I had to get a new phone, and it's hard to get a new phone these days without getting the phone that everyone is talking about. So I got an iPhone. Leah practically made me, it wasn't my fault at all! Anyways, it's pretty cool, and the kids sure like it. (As an aside, how come even eight-year-old immediately recognize the iPhone? Go Apple marketing.)

I composed this entire post on the phone, which is why I won't go into greater depth about its featres. I believe you can find a modicum of information about it on the internet, if you're interested. In short, though, it sure has alot of non-phone features, which is just perfect for someone like me who doesn't really like phones.


I can't believe that I talked to you twice and you never mentioned it!

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