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preemptive mauling

This afternoon we got mauled by the mall, and we didn't even make it in the doors! We knew there was trouble when the ramp off the highway was backed up, and things didn't improve as we made our way to the mall property proper. It turned out, actually, that the whole place was full. Only they didn't have anyone, you know, out front letting folks know that there weren't any more parking spots in the whole 27 acres of lots they have there. That meant that not only were there cars in every spot, but that the place was what you might call super-saturated with annoyed drivers looking for a place to put their vehicles. There was some honking, I can assure you. We drove ourselves around the little ring road, and without going down a single aisle we knew the situation was hopeless. So we precipitated ourselves right out and went to the supermarket instead.

Why the Christmas-like crush of mall-goers? I have no idea. Maybe it's just that in the cultural wasteland we inhabit there isn't anything better to do on a Saturday. Well, at least we managed to escape consumerism's crowded clutches. Only, we'll have to go back another day. I really want to look at new computers!


reasons: Nordstrom opening and making a movie (all the Globe readers got there before you)

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