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rare rainy day

It's been sunny here for weeks and weeks—first hot and sunny, then pleasant and sunny. Sure, there were some thunderstorms, but they traded off with heat and humidity. Today was a real rainy day. So what did we do?

three boys at the activity wall of the mall play space

playing inside

The library first, while Lijah took his morning nap; then home to pick up him and Mama for an outing to the grocery store and the mall. I hadn't been to the mall for years, so I was pretty excited. So were lots of other people: pretty much the whole world was there. I saw one family who had left the Bedford library just before we did. The boys and I played in the play space and ate some food court samples while Leah bought us a new vacuum cleaner (goodbye $250...).

In the afternoon the rain trailed off, so the younger two boys and I biked up to the farmers market. Like last week, there were some serious puddles there—so much so that they reconfigured the vendor booths. All the other parents steered their kids away from them with varying degrees of panic, but we like to set a bad example. Lijah didn't fall down this time.

Zion and Lijah walking through a big puddle

they can't resist

We got in dinner outside before the rain started again, then Harvey and Zion played a board game while I did the dishes.

Harvey and Zion eating ice cream pops and playing Candyland

immersive Candyland experience

And the best part: the heavy overcast made it dark enough for everyone to be asleep before 7:30! Everyone but me, that is. So what am I doing still up?!