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moments from the year

Elijah on the muddy beach at sunset

Maine sunset

Here are some of the our top moments and images from the past year of 2022. I looked back though all the pictures we posted on this blog in the last year, and picked my favorites—for aesthetic reasons, because of how much fun the moment was, or to tell the story of the year. Sometimes all three! I limited myself to three photos for each month, which was really hard, because there were so many good moments. But you have to have some standards. Here's to lots more wonderful moments in 2023!


the boys and friends pausing at the top of a sledding hill at dusk

snow day is done

the boys and friends on glassy ice at Fawn Lake

the smoothest pond ice you'll ever see

Harvey and Zion putting the finishing touches on a two-foot-tall snowman on a frozen pond

he's little but plucky


Harvey sliding on the snow between rocks

just a small portion of the slide route

Zion, in shorts and bare feet, standing on pond ice in front of open water

almost spring time

Zion stretching across the finish line in a skating race with a friend

and it's Zion by a length!


a table full of watercolor paint and art

water color

Zion and Elijah walking on snow shirtless, Elijah barefoot

enjoying the air

Elijah and Zion wading deeply in Freeman Pond

that's what we do with water, right?!


Zion in the bow of the canoe heading towards the Park Day beach

sun on the beach

Zion and Elijah aiming muskets at a group of Redcoats fighting a battle

helping the Minutemen

Harvey and Zion riding on a singletrack path through a field

dirt under the tires


a ladyslipper, with Harvey and Lijah walking on the path beyond it

walking in May

kids jumping into a stream on the beach

into surprisingly deep water

Elijah and Zion drawing the chicks in their outside pen

chick school


Elijah upside-down, jumping off the sailboard

good thing he's learning how to swim!

Zion holding a big bouquet of wildflowers in front of a waterlily pond

midsummer child

Elijah picking strawberries in a weedy row

there's lots of good ones under those weeds


the boys swimming in Walden Pond

yay pond

the boys playing in the waves

wave action

Zion and Elijah wading in the water in Bar Harbor

Maine vacation


Zion and Elijah shucking corn on the back deck

aw, shucks

the boys and a friend on the shore of the Concord River

a visit to the the low river

Zion cutting up apples at the kitchen table, Elijah turning the press behind him

cider time


the boys walking through a misty field in long sleeves

September-type outing

Zion jumping off a rock into the ocean

rocks plus water equals joy

Elijah and Zion relaxing in the late-afternoon woods



Zion and Elijah on a rock outcropping on Mount Monadnock looking out into the distance

getting some altitude

Elijah dipping his head in the pond, Zion flinging water off his hair

the pond is still fun

Zion jumping into a pile of leaves

the annual ritual


the boys eating lunch on the gravelly beach by the Old North Bridge

lunch and history

Elijah running in a november-colored field wearing bright clothes

not camouflaged

Zion jumping from the top of a very big pile of woodchips

instead of a playground


Zion and Elijah sitting together on the gravel beach at Fawn Lake

playing by the pond

Zion licking up a handful of snow

first taste

our Christmas tree lit up in the dark

at almost Christmas


moments from the year

the four of us posing on top of Sargent Mountain


Here are some of the our top moments and images from the past year of 2021. I limited myself to three photos for each month, which was really hard, because there were so many good moments... but for the rest you can just look through the archives. Here's to lots more wonderful moments in 2022!


the boys by the shore at Good Harbor beach under gray skies

perfect beach weather

our bubble school crew at the table with lots of dessert

back to school, with dessert

Elijah on the Old Res ice with Scout

another day, another ice adventure


the boys standing against the horizon on the sledding hill

the sledding horizon

red-cheeked Elijah clearing snow from his shirt cuffs in the living room

ready for some hot chocolate

the view from the top of the sledding hill down towards the airport

at the top of the hill


the boys walking in the snowy woods... Harvey wearing shorts

proper attire for spring walks

the boys pausing on their bikes on a snowy trail

accomplished adventurers

Zion and a friend sitting on a rock at the edge of a pond

private time at school


Zion jumping through the sprinkler in front of forsythia

it's above freezing!

Harvey riding in front of the rising sun

sunrise ride

the boys playing in the wind-whipped water of the Concord

a windy day at the river


the boys and a friend sitting on the edge of a bridge over a stream

pausing on a hike with friends

the boys in the chilly waters of Walden Pond

our pond!

Harvey playing with the dogs in the rain

these boys don't mind the rain


the boys walking towards the calm beach

we haven't done this in a while!

Zion paddling the canoe by himself, Harvey and Elijah swimming

he needs independence too

Zion and Elijah swimming in the pool on our deck

feeling no heat


Zion airborne jumping onto the slip-and-slide


Zion walking on rocks in a lake surrounded by mountains


Elijah standing at the water's edge at Sand Beach

we went to the beach


the boys eating ice cream in front of the Ice Cream Shop

you have to, on vacation!

Elijah sitting comfortably in a hole in the sand at Walden Pond

cool and comfortable at the beach

the boys sliding down a smooth rock into the water

water park


Zion and Harvey playing in the waves, Leah getting ready to join them

beach vacation

Elijah drawing with friends inside a sliding door, Zion painting out on a deck

back to school

the boys and a bunch of other kids playing tug of war on a pond beach

pondside park day fun


the boys and friends playing on a disconnected section of dock floating in a pond

dock transforms to boat

Harvey pausing on a bike ride on a trail passing tall grass

early fall trails

the boys in the canoe on the river in warm clothes

bundled up for the water


the boys wading through the ford (right next to the bridge)

they don't need that bridge

Elijah jumping over a stream on the beach

yay ocean!

the boys and friends making wreaths on the back deck

the annual project


Zion walking on a log over some cold mud by a pond

he'll never fall

the boys decorating the tree

getting ready

Harvey holding a lantern looking at the darkning west over an icy pond

bye sun, see you in a while


moments from the year

Mama, boys, and puppies wading in a pond along Nashoba Brook

not so hot here!

Here are some of the our top moments and images from that remarkable year, 2020. I picked my favorites of the photos posted this past year in the blog—some for aesthetic reasons, others because of how much fun the moment was... and some to try and tell the story of 2020. I limited myself to three photos for each month, which was really hard: even in a pandemic we did lots of amazing, beautiful things. Here's to lots more moments in 2021!


the boys and Nisia on the beach wearing winter clothes

new year beach

kids sledding


Zion out along the icy Sudbury River

ever driven to explore further


Zion up on a fallen tree with friends

in the wild

Zion sliding down a slightly-snowy hill on his belly

penguins don't need sleds

Lijah playing Candyland with friends at the Chelmsford library

games at a library


Lijah's friends around the kitchen table

a crowd to celebrate Elijah

Zion and Lijah on a Zoom read-aloud

this is our life now

Zion wading in the calm waters at the end of the beach

new horizons


the boys exploring in a green marsh

out in the green

Zion about to take a bite out of a perfectly made smore

what a smore should look like

Lijah riding a two-wheeler for the first time

he did it!


three chicks out in the dirt

what a cheerful sight!

Blue and Scout biting on one stick

introducing Blue and Scout

Harvey and Zion with their bikes on a hill overlooking the airport

expedition to the airport


Harvey cycling along a dirt path between sunbeams

morning trail

Zion splashing more than waist deep in the pond


Harvey playing minecraft over zoom

what the kids do these days


Harvey and Lijah laying out a harvest of berries and veggies on the playhouse counter

the yard's bounty

Lijah lying with the dogs on the kitchen floor

love those dogs

the kids swimming beyond the beached canoe

our happy place


Harvey and Zion swimming off the beach with no people in sight

an ocean of their own

Harvey crashing his bike going over a big rock

trying hard things

the boys and dogs atop a big rock in the woods

co-kings of the world


Leah and the boys hiking among the marsh grass at Great Island

the island looming through the fog

our boat approaching the Old North Bridge

what could be finer?

Zion biking up a hill at sunrise

the dawn of a new era


Zion and some friends lying with the dogs on the deck

sharing the dogs

Elijah standing on a log in a yellow wood

Lijah the woodsman

Zion sitting with the dogs watching the airport

boy and dog adventures


Zion and Lijah playing in a leaf pile

they all came down

Zion sitting on a pillow doing school work at our bubble school

bubble school is comfortable

Harvey and Zion walking along the beach, Blue running after them

Thanksgiving beach walk


Lijah looking at a partially frozen pond

almost sliding time

the boys decorating the Christmas tree


our solstice fire under the 1st quarter moon

starting the longest night


moments from the year

all the Archibalds smiling atop Dorr

all of us

Here are some of the our top moments and images from 2019. I looked back though all the pictures we posted on this blog in the last year, and picked my favorites—either for aesthetic reasons or because of how much fun the moment was (usually a mixture of both!). I limited myself to three photos for each month, which was really hard, because there were so many good moments. But you have to have some standards. Here's to lots more wonderful moments in 2020!


Harvey, Zion, and Nisia walking in a field

New Years Day walk

Lijah bundled up on a cold sunny day

on the slopes

Zion and Harvey running on the dark ice of Spy Pond

out on the pond


Zion sliding on a small cleared patch of ice on a snowy marsh

enjoying his own private rink

Harvey reading Dog Man to brothers and friends

boys with a book

Harvey on a swing at MIT, the setting sun reflecting on the glass wall beyond him

getting some swinging in after playing at MIT


three barefoot boys all playing on the one porch swing

and spring silliness the next day

Lijah in pirate facepaint brandishing a hook

me hearty

in the canoe heading down the Concord River

back on the water


Zion and Lijah watching lambs in the barn

lamb barn

redcoats forming up in a haze of gun smoke

the fog of war

the boys in their Easter suits

new suits for 2019


kids picnicking by their bikes on a field above Fawn Lake

a fine spot for a birthday lunch

the boys playing on the beach in Rockport


Zion holding one of the young hens, Lijah looking on

caring for the little hens


the boys eating breakfast on the back porch

yesterday's flowers still beautiful

Harvey lying in the grass reading a book

always reading

our boat below the Old North Bridge, it covered with singers and bubbles

midsummer spectacle


Harvey and Zion preparing to ride a moderate-sized wave

here comes one!

Lijah eating cotton candy

holiday sugar

Zion standing on a cliffside looking way down at the road



kids playing around the ford in Concord's Great Meadows bird sanctuary

the ford in the meadow

Harvey concentrating on Pokemon cards at a crowded table

playing for the World Championship

our tent among others in a friend's front yard

front yard camping


the boys writing with feathers dipped in pokeweed berry juice

history in action

the boys far away on a cold-weather beach

the beach is best in September

the boys hiking along a lane

hiking into fall


Harvey swordfighting Sam on a little bridge

battle on the bridge

Zion toasting a marshmallow

more fires

Zion's feet wading in a pond among floating leaves and pine needles

fall wading


Zion and Lijah playing in a leaf pile


Lijah looking at a gigantic puddle blocking the trail in the woods

path blocked

the boys at Thanksgiving dinner



Harvey standing on the hill with a sled

this is the life!

the boys walking in the woods between tall white pines towards the low sun

midwinter cathedral

Zion and Lijah building legos by the light of the Christmas tree

Christmas day in the morning


moments from the year

the Archibalds posing at the signpost atop Champlain Mtn

we're getting good at this!

Here are some of the our top moments and images from the year of 2017. I looked back though all the pictures we posted on this blog in the last year, and picked my favorites—either for aesthetic reasons or because of how much fun the moment was (usually a mixture of both). I limited myself to three photos for each month, which was really hard for some months, especially in the spring and summer when there were so many to chose from. Then in late fall my camera was broken and I hardly took any. Still, I think it's all pretty representative of the best parts of our year. Take a look!


zion making a snow angel

angelic Zion

three boys enjoying cones in front of Bedford Farms

winter's snow and ice cream

Zion holding a protest sign

he agreed to hold the sign I made


Harvey and Zion hugging their snowman

lovin the snowman

Harvey sledding down a path in the woods

where you have to steer

Harvey, Zion, Lijah, and Nathan posing crossing a stream in the snowy woods

summer hike in winter


Lijah blowing out the second of his three candles

blow Lijah blow

Zion bundled up for the blizzard

suited up again in March

Leah and the boys with friends on a horse-drawn sleigh at Sturbridge

two-horse open sleigh


the boys lying on a walkway looking down into the water

close examination

our big crowd sitting on (and behind) the curb

we all love a parade

Lijah and Zion running in the sprinkler on the green grass

green and sparkling


Zion and Lijah in pirate garb on one of the woods platforms

arr, matey!

Yoda-sweatshirted Lijah in the high green grass by the riverside

green at the riverside

the boys sitting on the beach with puppy Tovi

the beach with dogs


Lijah's dirty face

showing his work

Zion leaping out the window of the house

very good form

many of the kids on the stage with the Duplo

saying happy


Ira helping Harvey fly the kite

grandfather-grandson bonding

Harvey and Zion working on a sandcastle

it's working!

Harvey and Zion swimming under the Old North Bridge

Concord River swimming


kids wading out into the mud

where did I bring them?!

the boys looking out to sea from atop a mountain

mountaintop moment

Zion and Lijah squeezed into a basket



the kids and friends posing on a train, in front of a sign reading

homeschoolers' field trip

Zion in a dress taking cookies off the sheet, naked Lijah watching

have you ever seen a more hippy homeschool scene?

swimming in Walden Pond at sunset

sunset September swim


kids playing in the sandbox under fall-colored trees

the fall yard

Zion jumping over a wave at the ocean

wave jumping

the boys walking on the crowded sidewalk in Lexington Center

crowded with revelers


Harvey and Lijah sitting by the fire in the dark

backyard campfire

Leah eating lunch outside, a chicken on the table

chicken for lunch?

Zion on Lijah playing on various roofs

playing on roofs


the boys at the top of a sledding hill

hitting the slopes

another picture of the christmas tree

all is calm

Harvey and Zion posing on the sledding hill as the sun sets

yay winter

[Full disclosure for future readers... this post was actually posted retroactively, in July. Shh, don't tell anyone!]


moments from the year

the Archibalds posing atop Parkman Mtn

the family that hikes together poses together

I didn't really take any pictures this past week, so instead of moments from the week I'd like to present a few highlight moments from 2016. I looked back though all the pictures we posted on this blog in the last year, and picked my favorites—either for aesthetic reasons or because of how much fun the moment was (usually a mixture of both). I limited myself to three photos for each month, which was really tricky for some months. For others—July and November—the pickings were surprisingly slim. I think it's all pretty representative of the best parts of our year. Take a look!


Harvey and Zion on the front porch, lying in a box sharing a comic book

at 18 degrees farenheit

Harvey, Zion, Hendrick, and Eliza climbing a fallen tree above a frozen stream

homeschool coop explorers 2

Harvey on his bike with his pant legs rolled up

back in the saddle in late January


Harvey in his snow gear, including a muffler totally covering his face

he swears he can see

Leah holding Lijah, who's wearing a monkey costume hat and eating a banana

monkey with banana

the three boys in a tree

another tree pose


Zion sliding down a sandy concrete slope head first on a piece of cardboard

now that's a playground

Mama, Lijah, and Zion smiling in the snow

winter's last

Lijah crying, with mud all over the front of his suit

not happy


a reenactor offering to shake hands with Lijah and Zion

interactive history

Harvey reading to Lijah on the couch

comfey brothers

Zion airborn, leaping from a rock into very shallow water

jump in!


Harvey riding his scooter into a puddle, about to fall over

there's a lot going on in this picture, actually

Harvey, Taya, and Zion sitting on a log, Taya putting her hands on the boys' heads


Zion licking a vanilla ice cream cone

big lick


naked Lijah standing in a mud puddle with a trowel

in the mud

naked lijah walking with Mama in the shallow water at Walden

by evening he decided he liked the water

Harvey and his friends looking at his birthday cake on the picnic table

party time


Harvey riding down a country road

Harvey's independence

the three boys hiking way ahead of me, walking into a clearing

look at them go

Zion, in his clothes, standing with his back to the sprinkler stream getting soaked

cool down time


Harvey sitting on a rounded cliff edge way above a road

relaxed and happy

Leah and I wading on the cobbles in Bar Harbor

Maine feet

the boys looking at the choppy surface of Walden pond

Walden waves


Zion and Harvey silhouetted against the evening sky at the ice cream store

september ice cream

Lijah sitting in a big blue bucket on the beach

now that's how you swim in the ocean

the illuminated tree and the buffet table

party night


Zion swinging on a rope swing in the woods

new swing

the boys and friends running into the fall woods

fall energy

Harvey and Zion wading in the stormy ocean

wade in the water


headlamps on Harvey and Zion and the moon over the marsh

night hiking

me and the boys holding up our Thankful posters (and a squash)

thankful and joyful

Lijah in pjs and sweatshirt holding a soccer ball in front of the house

getting out early


Harvey and Zion standing on a dock looking at the bridge


the boys in pjs playing in front of the Christmas tree

Christmas tree play

the kids lookin silly in front of Grandpa's tree

Christmas cousins