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easy snow day

family posing with our smiling carrot-nosed snowman

happy snowfall!

It snowed unexpectedly yesterday, after a week of unseasonably warm temperatures. It started out pretty sleety—the boys actually had a fight about whether it was raining or snowing—but before too long it was definitely snow, and fast-accumulating snow at that. So we set aside our big plans for the day and gave ourselves over to enjoying the return of winter. Market Basket and Joannes could wait!

It was Harvey who motivated us to get outside. Always a fan of the snow, he was itching to play in it as soon as it started to pile up, and naturally he wanted someone to come with him. Grown-ups have more inertia though, so we weren't rushing to go along with his pleas. I suggested if he got his gear on, went out, and looked like he was having fun, we'd want to join him; it worked! I was the first one to bite, and Mama and Zion didn't take much longer (and would have been even faster if Zion hadn't thrown a tantrum about his jacket—he was very disappointed not to have a one-piece snowsuit like Harvey does).

Harvey and I made the snowman—he rolled the balls and I stacked them—and we did the face and arms all together (Rascal was outside too; his contribution was trying to eat the arms). Then Harvey incited us into a snowball fight. I'm not sure who won, but Leah did get me good in a back of the head. Zion always said "Look out!" before he threw anything, which was helpful because it let me get within his 18-inch snowball throwing range in time to get hit dramatically. We didn't stay out a super long time—I've never seen a wetter snow, and we were all soaked pretty quickly—but we sure had fun.

Inside we played some board games and made pizza for supper. We invited our neighbors over to share some; they weren't up to dining out but stopped by a little later to hang out. We talked about neighborhood history while our boys ran around the house with their boys. We cleaned up the board games and the supper but not much else, and went to bed.

We're pretty good at taking Sabbath time around here—sometimes too good! As I was trying to talk Leah into playing another round of All Creatures Big and Small this afternoon (yes, more board games) rather than doing laundry, one of my arguments was an appeal to the Sabbath. "We did that yesterday!" she retorted, quite accurately. But she still played with me! We do manage to get things done, too, but we've got relaxation down. At least, when it's snowy outside. Or rainy. Or beautiful and sunny...