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moments from the week

Elijah walking on a log in a big open marsh


Moments from the past week.

tomato and pepper plants under tarps

first frost

Harvey paddling the canoe in shallow water by a muddy bank

just barely afloat

Blue curled up in a little basket

I guess he fits...

a fire, globe lights, and people in our backyard

equinox party

the dogs walking by a grafitti'ed old barn

rural urbex

Zion standing on a rock at the edge of a pond, Blue looking

king of something

Elijah lying on the kitchen table doing a math worksheet

traditional schooling

Harvey and Zion with friends by the edge of a pond

in-person co-op means catching frogs together!


moments from the week

Zion balancing on a log above a marsh in the late afternoon sun

marsh voyaging

Moments from the past week.

Zion and Lijah high in a tree on the riverbank

climbing by the river

backyard gathering with friends at dusk

in-person gathering

Lijah grimacing at the smoke while toasting a marshmallow

a hot fire, but too much smoke

Lijah jumping on top of a big pile of weeds

compacting the compost

Lijah and Blue checking out a chimney in the woods

giant hearth

boys and dogs resting at the edge of Fairhaven Bay

Fairhaven Bay rest stop

Blue in the driver's seat of the van, Scout in the passenger seat with Leah

can dogs drive?

the dogs looking at the Sudbury River

a week of rivers


moments from the week

Zion and Elijah standing in the middle of the Concord River


Moments from the past week.

Harvey riding doubltrack with golden morning sun coming throught the trees

golden morning ride

in the canoe on the river

on the river, more conventionally

Zion and Elijah atop a big rock

up top

Zion riding his bike through a big puddle in the rain

what we do on rainy days

Scout sitting between Harvey and Zion in the van, with a seatbelt buckled around him

they buckled him in

the boys and a friend atop one of the Two Brothers Rocks

climb all the rocks


moments from the week

the boys looking at the ocean on a foggy beach

perfect beach weather

Moments from the past week.

lots of roma tomatoes on the kitchen table

the roma tomatoes are producing well

the boys walking across a boardwalk in a jungly patch of woods

a walk in the jungle

Harvey and Zion in front of a big breaking wave

ocean waves

the boys, red-faced with sun, eating ice cream

ice cream to cool down

three dogs by the water at sunset

vacation sunset


moments from the week

Harvey's muddy feet wading in a shallow stream

frog-hunting feet

Moments from the past week.

Elijah concentrating on building a sandcastle

concentrating on his work

Elijah standing on a stump

he says he speaks for the trees

Harvey and Zion, with backpacks and walking sticks, looking at the Concord River

riverfront explorers

Elijah sitting astride a tree limb

tree horse


moments from the week

Lijah playing Uno on a table covered with plastic soldiers

fun at Grandma and Grandpa's

Moments from the past week.

Harvey tasting a cone of his homemade ice cream

Harvey made ice cream

Harvey going over a dirt hill on a pump track

pump track!

Zion with two maple tree seeds stuck to his nose

pinnochio twice

storm clouds behind the laundry on the line

bring in the clothes and hide in the cellar!

the boys playing with the fire pit at Leah's parents' house

visiting Grandpa's fire pit


moments from the week

Lijah playing in the sand at the ocean


Moments and images from the past week.

Harvey riding up a hill in a powerline clearing

always lots of riding

the boys playing together in the sandbox

they remembered our sandbox

different varieties of cherry tomatoes in a bowl

every day these days

Harvey crashing his bike going over a big rock

trying hard things

Lijah toasting a marshmallow

where there's fire, there's marshmallows


moments from the week

me and Lijah lying on a dock looking down into a pond

visiting a pond

Moments and images from the past week.

my mountain bike taking a break by a pond, under stormy skies

a ride before the storm

the boys around a friend's firepit

birthday party guests

yellow and orange flowers in a jar

flower season

the boys playing with a kitten

also visiting a kitten


moments from the week

the kids swimming beyond the beached canoe

our happy place

Moments from the past week.

Lijah going down a zip-line


the dogs swimming in the Old Reservoir

reservoir dogs

Lijah climbing up a partially fallen tree above ferns

tree, ferns

Harvey paddling the canoe on the lake

Harvey on the water

Zion in the car with a big bag of blueberries and a donut

blueberry picking spoils


moments from the week

the boys swinging on the playground swings


Moments from the past week.

Harvey wading watching Blue and Scout swimming

water dogs

Zion and Blue walking across a log over a big depression

balance beamers

the boys making pickles at the kitchen table

pickle makers

the boys by the Old Belfry in Lexington

tourist things

Lijah holding a baguette

he bought it with his own money!

Lijah lying with the dogs on the kitchen floor

love those dogs

Harvey and Lijah swimming in Walden Pond

summer delight