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moments from the week

the boys on the ice at Freeman Pond under lots of lumpy overcast sky

big ice, big sky

Moments from the past icy week.

Elijah in a cardboard mask

mask project

Elijah posing on the ice of the horse trough

the closest ice to our house

the boys kicking a flat yoga ball in the snowy yard

games when you need hours outside

the boys and dogs on ice at October Farm

coldest day ice

Elijah working on a hairdresser's practice head at the library

the library has all kinds of things to play with

Elijah riding his bike on the ice at the reservoir

it's harder than it looks!


moments from the week

kids on the sledding hill in late afternoon light

sledding life

Moments from the past week.

scones with glaze and almonds on top on the table

I made a thing

Elijah sitting in a tree above a frozen pond

above the ice

Zion with his bridge made of popsicle sticks

engineering play

Zion and Elijah walking on water-looking ice on a misty pond

a mistical moment

the kids walking outside in the snow

snow day chilling

Harvey and Zion looking at the Ticket To Ride board on the coffee table

time to play trains

the puppies in the back of the van after a walk with icy chins

dogs love snow

Harvey standing on the top of the sledding hill at sunset

ending an outside day


moments from the week

kids in the distance on the hill above the airport

post-Christmas outside time

Moments from the past week.

Elijah under the roots of a fallen tree by the brook

riverbank home

the boys looking out at the ice on Freeman Pond

the Park Day ice is almost ready

the boys and a friend sharing a bright lunch

school group party

Elijah making a face with sparkling cider in his mouth

New Years Eve excitement!


moments from the week

Elijah wearing shark mittens opening a present in front of the tree

Christmas morning!

Moments from the past week.

a Christmas pageant on the church parking lot

can you see Elijah the Wise Man?

Harvey and Elijah bowling

bowling party

Zion and Elijah standing on the ice on the horse trough

water like a stone

Elijah smiling from a blanket fort


Elijah and Mama sheltering candles at the outdoor Christmas Eve service

fetching light on Christmas Eve


moments from the week

the boys decorating the tree

getting ready

Moments from the past week.

kids gathered around a diagram of a chicken

chicken learning

Harvey and Elijah amidst the mess, finishing up gingerbread houses

gingerbread chaos

Elijah standing by a magnetile tower taller than he is

Elijah included for scale

kids examining a dead hawk on the ground

excitement at park day

Harvey and Zion walking by a horse jump, Elijah getting ready to walk across it

walking, variously

Zion, Elijah, and a friend with big orange guns in the snow

hunting party


moments from the week

Harvey and Elijah sitting on the floor with a cat among quilting scraps

quilting with cat

Moments from the past week.

Elijah with the Christmas tree at Chip-In

Elijah as best-looking tree

Zion walking on a log over some cold mud by a pond

he'll never fall

Elijah smiling at the first snowfall

first beautiful snow

the boys in Harvey's bed

rainy morning bed party

Elijah getting ready to ride his bike through a stream of run-off by the playground

winter rain is exciting


moments from the week

the boys and friends making wreaths on the back deck

the annual project

Just a couple moments from the past week.

Zion and Elijah playing driedel at the kitchen table

Hanukkah spirit

the boys playing dreidel with friends

we also introduced friends to the game


moments from the week

Elijah jumping into a pile of leaves

leaf season!

Moments from the past week.

pieces of a felt owl assembled on the rug

Elijah is crafting

the boys on the ocean rocks at Halibut State Park

Halibut State rocks

kids listening to a story surrounded by balloons

just a typical day at school

Zion and Elijah getting their vaccine in the middle school gym

finally the jab


moments from the week

the boys walking down a dirt road under fall trees

fallish walking

Moments from the past week.

Harvey and Zion raking leaves in the yard

it's raking time

many leaves falling over the playground at Varney Park

park day leaf day

Elijah dressed up in a tutu and things at a friend's house

dressed to dance

a double rainbow over Great Brook Farm

the joy of rainy days

Elijah up a tree

he does like climbing trees


moments from the week

Elijah jumping into the halfpipe to slide down on his socks

dropping in

Moments from the past week.

Zion with black hair die

halloween hair

me, the boys, and friends putting in garlic in our garden

farm school garlic

Elijah standing on the horse ride at Market Basket

daring at Market Basket

the boys reacting to the noise watching a train by Walden Pond

witnessing the train horn up close

Elijah and Harvey in hammocks at a playground

hammock town at park day

Elijah and a friend playing Candyland