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moments from the week

me and Lijah lying on a dock looking down into a pond

visiting a pond

Moments and images from the past week.

my mountain bike taking a break by a pond, under stormy skies

a ride before the storm

the boys around a friend's firepit

birthday party guests

yellow and orange flowers in a jar

flower season

the boys playing with a kitten

also visiting a kitten


moments from the week

the kids swimming beyond the beached canoe

our happy place

Moments from the past week.

Lijah going down a zip-line


the dogs swimming in the Old Reservoir

reservoir dogs

Lijah climbing up a partially fallen tree above ferns

tree, ferns

Harvey paddling the canoe on the lake

Harvey on the water

Zion in the car with a big bag of blueberries and a donut

blueberry picking spoils


moments from the week

the boys swinging on the playground swings


Moments from the past week.

Harvey wading watching Blue and Scout swimming

water dogs

Zion and Blue walking across a log over a big depression

balance beamers

the boys making pickles at the kitchen table

pickle makers

the boys by the Old Belfry in Lexington

tourist things

Lijah holding a baguette

he bought it with his own money!

Lijah lying with the dogs on the kitchen floor

love those dogs

Harvey and Lijah swimming in Walden Pond

summer delight


moments from the week

Leah cutting Lijah's hair on the deck

summer cut

Moments from the past week.

Zion on a friends' slip-n-slide

slipping, about to slide

Zion riding a borrowed mountain bike

Zion tries out the mountain biking

Zion making a face as he bites into a smore

is it good?

Harvey cycling along a country lane

more trails

Harvey and Zion reading on the couches tucked in with blankets

a chilly July morning

Harvey on the bike with his leg dripping blood

some damage


moments from the week

three boys swimming in the pond

at home in the water

Moments from the past week.

Harvey walking his bike across a bridge in a wooded gorge

deep woods cycling

Lijah lying on the porch floor with the dogs

if you lie down with dogs...

Zion working on a complicated wooden toy train track

inspired by Dr Suess

Zion towing the canoe with Lijah in it

the boating lifestyle

the boys splashing in the Old Reservoir with the dogs

they encourage each other

Harvey sitting on a dam at Great Brook Farm

inspecting the dam


moments from the week

Harvey and Lijah laying out a harvest of berries and veggies on the playhouse counter

the yard's bounty

Moments from the past week.

me holding a giant stalk of rhubarb

champion rhubarb

the boys walking over a bridge in a green green woods

Nashoba bridge

sticks prodding the coals in the fireplace

playing with fire

Zion and Lijah playing with boats in a wading pool

and playing with water

Zion and Julen holding big nerf guns in Julen's yard

celebrating the 4th with big guns... and with friends!


moments from the week

Zion holding one of the young hens as Lijah pets her

appreciating the almost grown-up chicks

Moments from the past week.

Harvey opening his mouth to catch raindrops

rain is rare and precious lately

Scout looking ridiculous sleeping on his back in the living room

these dogs work hard

Zion walking on a path in a field with the dogs ahead of him

walking with the dogs

Zion in a mask, Lijah in a monkey suit, giving battle poses


Leah playing tennis with Harvey and Zion

our new pastime

Zion walking across a fallen tree far off the ground

always adventuring


moments from the week

Zion standing next to Harvey in a pond, somehow standing higher in the water

pond wading

Moments from the past week.

the boys splashing in an inflatable pool

our new pool!

Lijah in his mask and red shirt, bike helmet, and sunglasses

pandemic cool

Zion and Lijah in costumes made out of paper grocery bags

we have a lot of grocery bags and also creativity!

Blue sitting by the shore of a pond

posing for a portrait

Lijah eating ice cream far away from friends on a lawn

ice cream social distance

Lijah outside in his monkey costume

monkey business

an Eevee picture made in Minecraft

this means something to Harvey...


moments from the week

Harvey walking his bike up a steep hill on a path beneath high-tension lines

power line access road

Moments and images from the past week.

Harvey sitting on the trunk of an old broken car in the woods

cars in the woods

a few strawberries in a bowl

strawberry harvest begins

the boys playing on the street in the pouring rain

playing in the rain

Zion wearing his face mask and swimming mask

who is that masked swimmer?

Lijah sitting on a bench in a tree wrapped up in a towel

hot before you go in the water, cold after

Blue splashing through the water

Blue's first swim


moments from the week

Harvey cycling along a dirt path between sunbeams

morning trail

Moments from the past week.

Leah painting the new picnic table

finishing the table

Harvey on his bike in sweatshirt and mask

chilly morning ride

Harvey looking at a tupperware container of pond water and tadpoles


the boys playing a card game on the new picnic table

picnic table card game