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moments from the week

Zion airborne jumping onto the slip-and-slide


Moments from the past week.

Zion and Elijah looking out the back door at the rain

rain rain rain

the boys listening to live music at the farmers market

music back at the market

Elijah looking at a book on the couch between the two dogs

when it rains we read

Elijah and a friend climbing up a boulder

they both made it up

the boys watching Nisia hit a pinata in Grandpa's backyard

birthday with cousins!

Harvey and Elijah breakfasting on the deck

sunny beautiful morning

Zion and Lijah exploring the big jumps of a derelict BMX track

abandoned BMX


moments from the week

the boys holding up the day's take of blueberries and raspberries

berry harvest

Moments from the past week (amazingly, most taken when it wasn't raining!).

Elijah sitting on a bike seat holding handlebars with his feet on pedals (no bike)

invisible bike

Zion and a friend on a slip-and-slide

close race

Harvey relaxing in a pool

the good life

the boys in a hot tub with friends

hot day hot tub

Harvey standing with his bike ankle-deep in water on a path

local flooding

the boys hiking on a rocky trail

Saturday hike


moments from the week

the boys talking on friends' lawn at dusk

summer visting

Moments and images from the past week.

an iPad, baseballs, and a mitt on a haybale

childhood at our house

the dogs sprawled in front of the fan

hot dogs

the boys eating breakfast at the picnic table

hot weather breakfast

Zion and Elijah floating in the inflatable pool

how they survived

the boys on the front porch watching a thunderstorm

storm watching as the weather changed

Harvey riding over a plank bridge

not easy!

Elijah picking black raspberries



moments from the week

the boys swimming in the pond with the canoe and kayak pulled up on the shore

now we have TWO boats!

Moments from the past week.

Harvey blowing out the candle on his birthday breakfast french toast

birthday french toast

the boys and a friend reading graphing novels at the library

they could spend all day here... especially when they bring a friend!

Elijah, Zion, and a friend wading in the pond at NARA Park

finding new ponds

the boys and friends posing, sweaty, with bikes after a ride

hot after a ride

a dish of strawberry shortcake on our picnic table

still strawberry season!


moments from the week

Zion, Elijah, and friends lying in a spillway lifting their faces out of the water

we found a place to play in the water

Moments from the past week.

Leah sitting on the back deck with breakfast and laptop

summer morning office

Elijah riding his bike to the library doors in the rain

we're still excited about the library

the boys eating cookies under a tree

the Farmers Market is back and it has cookies

the boys in the reproduction Walden house

Henry's house is open again now too

the boys playing in Berry Pond

pond joy

the boys posing with big plywood strawberry cutouts

strawberry boys

Elijah looking at a watery marsh on a bike ride stop

always stop to look for frogs

the boys and grandparents eating lunch on the deck

Harvey's birthday eve picnic


moments from the week

the boys wading in the smooth water of Cape Cod Bay by the canal

a summer vacation!

Moments from the past week.

a red squirrel sitting on the side of a tree

this guy

the boys playing in the ocean

ocean fun!

the boys sitting together on the beach

vacation togetherness

Zion and Elijah with the little cannon in Welfleet

always play with cannons

the boys and friends looking at a plane landing at Hanscom

planespotting with friends


moments from the week

the boys reading lying in the grass of Lexington Common

summer reading

Moments from the past week.

Harvey playing with the dogs in the rain

these boys don't mind the rain

Zion and Elijah climbing on a rock in the woods

what you do with rocks

Blue wading in a little pool in the woods

... and what you do with muddly pools

Elijah holding a circular saw blade and Harvey holding a part of the motor

saw parts

the boys and friends wading at the edge of a broad pond

cranberry country


moments from the week

Zion having a squirt gun fight with other kids

a party in person!

Moments from the past week.

Zion and Harvey crossing a little ford in the woods

fords give me a chance to take pictures

my face bloodied after a fall


Zion and Elijah swimming by the ropes at Walden Pond

ropes up, still fun

latkes and hot dogs cooking on the fire

fire latkes

Elijah eating an ice cream sundae

sundae on Thursday

bags ready for pickup outside the library

the last distanced library pickup!


moments from the week

Elijah walking in a brook

real summer exploring

Moments from the past week.

the boys getting used to cold water at Walden

cold? refreshing!

the outside table set for breakfast in front of the wisteria

breakfast and wisteria

the boys and friends eating a picnic on the grass in Lexington Center

historic picnic spot

Scout and Blue lying on the kitchen floor

kitchen dogs

cookies and milk and Dungeon Mayhem on the coffee table

cookies and milk and cards


moments from the week

Elijah swining on a rope swing over a pond

hold on tight!

Moments from the past week.

Zion splashing his bike through a little stream

we went back and forth several times

Elijah and a friend sitting on the porch steps wearing robes

playing wizards

Harvey resting on his bike by Fawn Lake

Fawn Lake in the morning

a stylist cutting a friends' hair in our kitchen

our home has become a salon

Harvey with black hands and face

the kids found some burnt sticks

Zion, Elijah, and a friend playing with toys on the front porch

someday they'll be able play with friends inside again...

Elijah wearing a newspaper hat

instructions courtesy of Curious George