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moments from the week

Elijah petting a couple of horses over a fence

entering the world of 4H

Moments from the past week.

the boys in the canoe on Walden Pond

a little color on the shore...

the boys eating cookies by the music tent at the farmers market

a few more weeks of farmers markets..

our car loaded with sporting equipment and bikes

ready for a day of fun

Elijah riding down a newly-built trail, Zion watching

trail work

Elijah and a friend playing on a hillside

just playing


moments from the week

Harvey pausing on a bike ride on a trail passing tall grass

early fall trails

Moments from the past week.

Elijah leaning out of the woods over a pondy puddle

Elijah the jungle explorer

Elijah and a friend mixing muffin batter at the kitchen table

this week's school baking

Zion and Elijah wading in a stream by the bike path

must pause for streams

Zion and Elijah having fun eating smores by the fire

an October fire is cheery

the boys and friends playing on a disconnected section of dock floating in a pond

dock transforms to boat

Elijah watching the Bedford football band practice under the lights

watching the band practice


moments from the week

Elijah getting up into a tree by climbing a trash can on top of a table

climbing aides

Moments from the past week.

the boys playing mini golf with friends

golf party

Elijah stirring apple muffin batter at the kitchen table

making the muffins

the boys and a friends walking in a woodsy clearing in the rain

fall rain at October Farm

the boys and a bunch of other kids playing tug of war on a pond beach

pondside park day fun

Harvey with a mask over his whole face

masked up for the library


moments from the week

Zion running on a beach with a play parachute

he didn't have a kite so he tried this parachute

Moments from the past week.

Harvey and Elijah watching a friend pour from a jar of purple juice

grape-lemonade from the the grapes they picked

Zion looking at a snowy egret from the canoe

birding from the boat

apples in a pie before the top crust goes on

apple pie season

Grandpa David blowing out the candle on his birthday pie

happy birthday Grandpa!


moments from the week

folks on our deck under the lights and around the fire

what gathering looks like in the fall

Moments from the past week.

Elijah making a zombie pose with a cereal box over his head and face


Harvey and a friend painting

the art of school

lots of kids playing dodgeball on a basketball court

dodgeball at Park Day

the boys sitting around on the halfpipe at the skate park

sometimes you relax at the skate park

the boys and other kids watching a fire truck in the Bedford Day parade

Bedford Day parade!

Zion in the dusk with glowstick hoops around his neck

a beautiful end to a beautiful day


moments from the week

Zion and Harvey playing in the waves, Leah getting ready to join them

beach vacation

Moments from the past week.

Elijah biking on a bike path with the sea in view over his shoulder

the best bike path

the boys playing on the beach at sunset

sunset on their private beach

all three boys swinging on one big swing on a playground

vacation isn't just about the beach

Elijah drawing with friends inside a sliding door, Zion painting out on a deck

back to school


moments from the week

the boys sitting on the edge of a woodsy cliff

best snack spot

Moments from the past week.

Elijah hanging upside down on a play structure

hanging out at church

Harvey swimming in shallow calm water in Rockport

the ocean is the best

Elijah posing on the pond beach in his new bathrobe

Elijah loves his new bathrobe

banana bread on the kitchen table

the banana bread Harvey baked (and posed)

Zion playing lacrosse on the street


the boys and friends batting balloons in the air at a backyard party

it's a party!


moments from the week

Elijah in the inflatable pool on the back deck

keeping cool

A few moments from the past week.

a great blue heron on our lawn

a frequent visitor this past week

Elijah eating a popsicle outside the library

end of summer library party


moments from the week

Elijah in the pond with a swim mask on

our newest swimmer

Moments from the past week.

Zion and Elijah basking on the chicken coop roof by the pool

summertime life

Elijah chewing on a stick being a beaver

another lost tooth makes him a beaver

Zion going off a jump on his bike

practicing flying

Elijah with his feet up reading in a library chair

hours at the library

Zion and Elijah watching a musket demonstration


Elijah looking at a towery wooden playground

taking a break from fun at a new playground


moments from the week

Elijah sitting comfortably in a hole in the sand at Walden Pond

cool and comfortable at the beach

Moments from the past week.

Elijah precariously climbing on the playground

finding new ways to climb things

Elijah playing with little plastic pokemon at the picnic table

quiet outdoor play

Zion waiting by a highway sign beside Rt 2

we're going another way

Zion eating an ice cream truck popsicle

the real summer treat

Harvey holding up a choco-frosted cupcake topped with a strawberry

another delicacy

Elijah riding on a meadow path with his life jacket on his backpack

exploring: in search of a pond