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moments from the week

Zion at the picnic table in front of his cake

birthday boy

Moments from Zion's birthday week.

Zion resting on his bike in between jumps

ten is grown up!

the boys and friends riding on the dirt bike path

candy run

Zion blowing out a candle stuck in a donut hole

you can't get ten candles in that..

Harvey and Elijah resting in the sun by their bikes on the halfpipe

training hard

the boys and a friend sitting on the edge of a bridge over a stream

pausing on a hike with friends

Elijah putting a bike up on a table above a trampoline on the lawn

this can't possibly go badly...


moments from the week

the boys playing in the wind-whipped water of the Concord

a windy day at the river

Moments from the past week.

Zion and Elijah sliding head-first down a halfpipe

skate park penguins

the sun shining through new maple leaves

the shade is growing

Harvey and Zion toasting marshmallows over the fire

cookout days are here again

Zion and Elijah playing in the sandbox

the sandbox hasn't fallen apart yet..

Harvey drawing a stop-motion animation in a box setup we built for the purpose

stop motion animating


moments from the week

bikes and bags on top of the hill by the airport

mountain bike picnic stop

Moments from the past week.

many seed-starting kits in use on the picnic table

homeschool seed-starting madness

Zion and Elijah exploring a stream, seen from above

did we get a drone? no, it's just a steep cliff!

Elijah's hand sticking out of a cavity on a tree

the spirit of the tree

Harvey riding on a grafitti'ed quarter pipe

park riding

Zion's friend crossing a log to a rock in a pond, Zion and Elijah watching

my boys were too cautious to try

Elijah pretending to chew a beaver-chewed tree

this joke never gets old to me


moments from the week

Harvey resting on his handlebars at the top of a hill

mountain biking on our "mountain"

Moments from the past week.

Elijah atop the roots of a fallen tree

he always has to climb these

Zion digging dirt to transplant his bean plant

transplanting his school project

Elijah and a friend watercoloring at the kitchen table

rainy day painting

Elijah on a tree hanging over the Concord River

always climbing

the boys riding on a trail

it's blurry because we were moving

snow falling on the forsythia bush

unexpected snow

Elijah working at the coffee table in the dark snowy-day house

quiet work time


moments from the week

Zion jumping through the sprinkler in front of forsythia

it's above freezing!

Moments from the past week.

the boys unpacking their Easter baskets

Easter morning

Elijah beginning to cross a narrow log over a stream

balance beam

Elijah looking across the pond at Great Brook Farm

farm pond

Elijah riding up doubletrack through a sunny pine woods

the best light for riding

Harvey pausing in a ride to wade in a tiny stream

pausing to cool feet

Elijah digging in the dirt


sitting around Grandma and Grandpa's deck table

dinner our at grandparents'!


moments from the week

a Maundy Thursday service in our living room

Holy Week at home

Moments and images from the past week.

breakfast plate: scrambled eggs and jam on matzo, near daffodils

spring breakfast

Elijah climbing up a tree trunk on some spikes

climber's aides

wine and mazto on the table


Elijah riding his bike wearing a pink cape

his latest riding outfit

Elijah riding on a gravel road

hitting the trails with all the boys


moments from the week

Zion and a friend sitting on a rock at the edge of a pond

private time at school

Lots of moments from the past week.

Harvey riding by a grassy hill

last month we were sledding here...

Elijah stretching out his bare legs pumping on our swing

must be spring!

the boys sitting looking down from a scrubby hill

airport hill

Elijah feeding a goat

the farm is open!

Harvey rowing our canoe past a beaver lodge

visiting the beavers

Elijah climbing up the side of a large boulder or outcropping


all the bubble school kids on a slackline

bubble school slacking off

Zion pushing his bike up a hill, Elijah far behind him

this is our life now


moments from the week

Elijah, masked and barefoot, sitting on the edge of a low bridge in a marsh

barefoot season begins

Moments from the past week.

Elijah sitting on the table, making cookie dough with friends

cooking school

the boys walking on thin ice on a ditch in the woods

testing the ice...

Harvey and Zion getting ready to walk across a shallow ford at Great Meadows

testing the water

Harvey hammering a nail on the back deck

henhouse repair

a sheet of butter cookies ready to go into the oven

the last batch

Elijah and a friend playing in the dirt

mud work


moments from the week

the boys eating a picnic on a bluff over the Sudbury river

spring adventure #1

Moments from the past week.

Elijah swinging at the playground


Elijah and Zion playing with his new birthday playdoh candy factory

candy factory

the boys walking in the snowy woods... Harvey wearing shorts

proper attire for spring walks

Zion eating dinner at the picnic table

first outdoor supper of the year!

Zion balancing on a tree growing up out of the river

flirting with water

the boys on the paved bike path

going places


moments from the week

Lijah blowing out the candle on his birthday pancake

birthday breakfast

Moments from the past week.

Zion cuddling with Blue on the couch

what dogs are for

Zion and Elijah standing on the ice in the horse trough in our woods

ice in the horse trough

a fire in the firepit with snow all around

first cookfire of the year

the chickens in the grass at the edge of the snow

some grass at last!

Zion giving a stick puppet show from behind the kitchen table

pig puppet show