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moments from the week

Harvey standing in the Concord River in his boots

cold-weather wading gear

Moments from the past week.

Harvey and Lijah sitting on the rug playing

old toys are still fun

shirtless Lijah eating a turkey leg

he's savage for Thanksgiving

Harvey riding through a puddle on a big rock

wet rock riding

Elijah sitting across a fallen tree trunk over a little dell

he wanted to go all the way across

Harvey and Zion walking along the beach, Blue running after them

Thanksgiving beach walk


moments from the week

the boys hiking on a path between rocks

november is rocky

Moments from the past week.

Harvey and Zion petting goats through a fence

we used to visit them all the time...

Elijah riding his bike down stairs

street trials

Lijah working with letter tiles on the floor with mamas, baby, and dog nearby

our school is a family affair

Zion and Havana working on math in the yard

partner work


moments from the week

Zion and  Lijah pretending to gnaw a beaver-chewed tree

busy beavers

Moments from the past week.

kids riding on a dirt bike path

bubble school hits the road

Zion and Elijah running on some big dirt jumps

dirt jumping without bikes

Elijah walking on a log in the woods

at home in the woods

tables set with tablecloths and candles under the lights on our back deck

our deck can be classy

the boys with friends in a stick house they found

they found a clubhouse

Lijah working to catch up to friends on doubletrack in the woods

working hard to keep up

Harvey wading in the full stream at Great Brook

still warm enough to wade... for Harvey at least!


moments from the week

Zion and Lijah playing in a leaf pile

they all came down

Moments from the past week.

Zion sitting on a pillow doing school work at our bubble school

bubble school is comfortable

Zion riding towards the bright rising sun

riding into the sunrise

Elijah wading in a stream in his boots

new boot testing

garlic planted in the garden waiting to be covered up

garlic in, finally

Harvey being silly with paper cartoon eyes taped to his eyes

the silliness

my bike lying on the ground with the saddle unattached

I never broke a saddle before...


moments from the week

kids playing in the snow


Moments from the past week.

Zion walking barefoot in fall leaves wearing jacket and long underwear

fall outfit

kids working at the table around piles of fabric

homeschool doll-making

Lijah climbing the roots of a new-fallen tree

storm damage

Zion sitting with the dogs watching the airport

boy and dog adventures

Harvey decorating halloween gingerbread cookies

seasonal cookies

pancakes cooking on the griddle: four plain, one chocolate chip, one banana

special orders

Zion cuddling with a friend's guinea pig

guinea pig visit

snow on the trees at first light

Oct. 31 dressed up as winter for Halloween

the boys posing in their Halloween costumes

Happy Halloween!


moments from the week

the boys running through a stubbly corn field

stubble romp

Moments from the past week.

ice in a dog dish

first ice

Blue in Fairyland Pond in the fall

fall colors and Blue

kids playing with bread dough around the table on our deck

this was school this week

Harvey and Zion sitting by the fire with marshmallows

still smoring

Lijah looking at brunch set at the picnic table

Saturday brunch

Lijah jumping his stick horse over a horse jump

hiho Pinky, away!


moments from the week

Elijah standing on a log in a yellow wood

Lijah the woodsman

Moments from the past week.

fall trees above the chicken coop

fall on the farm

kids toasting marshmallows and mashing acorns in our backyard

this is our school

a tallow candle in a jar burning in the dark

homemade light in the darkness

Lijah in a tree above the river

if there's a tree, he's up in it

Zion wading in the Concord River

and if there's water, he's wading in it!


moments from the week

Harvey riding up a gravel road towards a misty sunrise

sunrise ride

Moments from the past week.

Elijah and Kamilah in a tree

tree buds

Harvey riding by the pond at Great Brook

Great Brook trails

Elijah stacking firewood


the dogs at the Concord River under yellow leaves

looks like fall

Zion and some friends lying with the dogs on the deck

sharing the dogs

Scout lying on the deck

relaxed Scout


moments from the week

a fire, globe lights, and people on our back deck. again.

light season

Moments from the past week.

Elijah smiling to show the space where his third tooth fell out

three down, 21 to go!

Harvey sitting on his bike on a trail

always ready to ride

Zion and Elijah playing Pokemon cards in a friends' backyard

backyard Pokemon

Lijah riding on a trail among yellow ferns

fall fern colors

the boys petting a cat amongst piles of pumpkins

fall on the farm

Zion and Lijah cuddling on the couch with Scout

cuddle time with Scout

Lijah riding across a bridge over a ditch

he came to it

Blue sitting in Lijah's car seat

safety first, Blue!


moments from the week

Elijah walking on a log in a big open marsh


Moments from the past week.

tomato and pepper plants under tarps

first frost

Harvey paddling the canoe in shallow water by a muddy bank

just barely afloat

Blue curled up in a little basket

I guess he fits...

a fire, globe lights, and people in our backyard

equinox party

the dogs walking by a grafitti'ed old barn

rural urbex

Zion standing on a rock at the edge of a pond, Blue looking

king of something

Elijah lying on the kitchen table doing a math worksheet

traditional schooling

Harvey and Zion with friends by the edge of a pond

in-person co-op means catching frogs together!