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moments from the week

Lijah blowing out the candle on his birthday pancake

birthday breakfast

Moments from the past week.

Zion cuddling with Blue on the couch

what dogs are for

Zion and Elijah standing on the ice in the horse trough in our woods

ice in the horse trough

a fire in the firepit with snow all around

first cookfire of the year

the chickens in the grass at the edge of the snow

some grass at last!

Zion giving a stick puppet show from behind the kitchen table

pig puppet show


moments from the week

Lijah on the snowy bank holding a stick over a brook

the season's pleasures

Moments from the past week.

the sun rising over the snow-covered community gardens

my morning walk

my bike lying in the snow besides a narrow snowy singletrack

that's hard work!

Zion and Lijah walking over little streams in a snowy wood

thaw sparkles

Harvey with blood all over his face from a bloody nose

after playing with his friends


moments from the week

Elijah and Joan Marc in a blow-up sled

sunny day sledding

Moments from the past week.

Zion riding his bike on snowy doubletrack

no biking like snow biking

the chicken coop under lots of snow

digging out the chickens

red-cheeked Elijah clearing snow from his shirt cuffs in the living room

ready for some hot chocolate

Elijah and Zion jumping off a big rock into deep snow

that's some deep snow

Elijah running by the camera

indoor energy

the boys standing against the horizon on the sledding hill

the sledding horizon


moments from the week

Harvey on the wide ice where Nashoba Brook ponds above Concord Rd

ice is unexplored country

Lots of moments from the past week.

the boys playing on the ice at Great Brook Farm just by an

unsafe farm ice

Tim and me sitting on a big rock

dad rock

Elijah playing with a firelighter

practicing for when it's his turn

Elijah on the Old Res ice with Scout

another day, another ice adventure

Zion posing by his 18-inch snowman

a little snow? a little snowman!

Scout and Blue in the slush on the edge of the Concord River

river dogs

Elijah climbing in a tiny tree

a little tree climbing

the boys waiting for friends to make them cotton candy

did you know you can make cotton candy at home?

the boys sitting together, with dogs, in front of Harvey's computer

Saturday morning


moments from the week

Zion blowing on a little fire

winter fires are hard work!

Moments from the past week.

Elijah lying on the ground next to his fallen bike


the kids gathered around a globe

geography time

the kids working on a fire by a tarp shelter

this, too, is school

Harvey looking down at a rickety bridge over a frozen pond

adventuring again


moments from the week

the boys walking on the ice at the Old Reservoir

on ice

A few moments from the past week.

Zion burning holding a leaf to a fire in the kids' firepit

playing with fire

Elijah in his bat-ear sweatshirt exploring a stream in the woods

a bat in his natural habitat

the boys walking on the rocks along the shore in Gloucester

climbing by the sea


moments from the week

Harvey and Zion disassembling gingerbread houses

farewell to gingerbread

Moments from the past week.

our bubble school crew at the table with lots of dessert

back to school, with dessert

Harvey balancing atop a thin stump


Zion standing on ice of a pond, the dogs running behind him

I don't think the ice is safe, but they do!

Elijah in front of a clock doing a worksheet

time for school for time

Elijah standing on a ledge halfway up a big rock

up a rock


moments from the year

Mama, boys, and puppies wading in a pond along Nashoba Brook

not so hot here!

Here are some of the our top moments and images from that remarkable year, 2020. I picked my favorites of the photos posted this past year in the blog—some for aesthetic reasons, others because of how much fun the moment was... and some to try and tell the story of 2020. I limited myself to three photos for each month, which was really hard: even in a pandemic we did lots of amazing, beautiful things. Here's to lots more moments in 2021!


the boys and Nisia on the beach wearing winter clothes

new year beach

kids sledding


Zion out along the icy Sudbury River

ever driven to explore further


Zion up on a fallen tree with friends

in the wild

Zion sliding down a slightly-snowy hill on his belly

penguins don't need sleds

Lijah playing Candyland with friends at the Chelmsford library

games at a library


Lijah's friends around the kitchen table

a crowd to celebrate Elijah

Zion and Lijah on a Zoom read-aloud

this is our life now

Zion wading in the calm waters at the end of the beach

new horizons


the boys exploring in a green marsh

out in the green

Zion about to take a bite out of a perfectly made smore

what a smore should look like

Lijah riding a two-wheeler for the first time

he did it!


three chicks out in the dirt

what a cheerful sight!

Blue and Scout biting on one stick

introducing Blue and Scout

Harvey and Zion with their bikes on a hill overlooking the airport

expedition to the airport


Harvey cycling along a dirt path between sunbeams

morning trail

Zion splashing more than waist deep in the pond


Harvey playing minecraft over zoom

what the kids do these days


Harvey and Lijah laying out a harvest of berries and veggies on the playhouse counter

the yard's bounty

Lijah lying with the dogs on the kitchen floor

love those dogs

the kids swimming beyond the beached canoe

our happy place


Harvey and Zion swimming off the beach with no people in sight

an ocean of their own

Harvey crashing his bike going over a big rock

trying hard things

the boys and dogs atop a big rock in the woods

co-kings of the world


Leah and the boys hiking among the marsh grass at Great Island

the island looming through the fog

our boat approaching the Old North Bridge

what could be finer?

Zion biking up a hill at sunrise

the dawn of a new era


Zion and some friends lying with the dogs on the deck

sharing the dogs

Elijah standing on a log in a yellow wood

Lijah the woodsman

Zion sitting with the dogs watching the airport

boy and dog adventures


Zion and Lijah playing in a leaf pile

they all came down

Zion sitting on a pillow doing school work at our bubble school

bubble school is comfortable

Harvey and Zion walking along the beach, Blue running after them

Thanksgiving beach walk


Lijah looking at a partially frozen pond

almost sliding time

the boys decorating the Christmas tree


our solstice fire under the 1st quarter moon

starting the longest night


moments from the week

Zion and Lijah standing on the puddley ice on the edge of Fawn Lake

wishing the ice were harder

Moments from the past week.

Zion standing in a stream

warm moments in December

Zion crawling on a fallen tree above the ice on a little pond

can't trust the ice... can you trust the tree?

the boys toasting marshmallows over a fire pit

friends' fire

Elijah poking up from a hole in some rocks


me and harvey warming ourselves over the fire

New Years Eve

Elijah atop a big rock, kids below him

first adventure of the new year


moments from the week

gingerbread house decoration at the kitchen table


Moments from the past week.

Elijah showing off his first missing top tooth

growing up!

looking out the front windshield at traffic and sleet

errands the weekend before Christmas are a mistake

Harvey and Zion playing cards

cozy cards

the Concord River half iced-over

the Concord River is gray

the deck shoveled off and lit for the solstice

solstice deck

water flowing under a snowy footbridge

water amidst the snow

Harvey ironing as he works on a quilt


a flooded out path, with no snow to be seen

on Christmas day the snow became water