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moments from the week

shirtless Zion taking a drink in our friends' garden

Backyard Farm Club is hot work

Moments from the past week.

Harvey and Elijah playing Root in our darkened kitchen

keeping cool with board games

Harvey picking blueberries from our netted bushes

blueberry season

Elijah on his bike in our street

I like his outfit

a birthday party on the beach at Freeman Lake

birthday on the beach

Harvey and Zion dancing in the rain in front of our house

dancing in the rain

Elijah with purple-streaked hair and a choker by some lily pads

style for the pond

Harvey, Zion, and a friend checking out the big spray from a leak in an irrigation line

big leak


moments from the week

Zion ready to catch a wet sponge in the sponge toss


Moments from the past week.

Harvey and Zion in the pond

swim heads

Zion and Elijah picking blackberries by the playhouse


Elijah taking a drink on his bike on a trail by a farm

farm biking

pesto pasta, sliced cucumber, and cooked zucchini on our picnic table

early July food is green


moments from the week

the boys making bracelets with little colored rubber bands on a playground

this week's occupation

Moments from the past week.

Zion and Elijah playing in their messy bedroom

on a rainy day

Zion and Elijah biking on a wide path in a white pine wood

piney path

Zion and Elijah eating veggies at Grandma's outside table

good food at Grandma's

the boys walking along a woods path in their swimsuits

heading home from swimming




moments from the week

the boys and friends atop a big grafitti'd stone bridge arch in the woods

this walk has everything!

Harvey blowing out the 1 and 3 candles at his cake at Grandma's house

classy cake for a new teenager!

Elijah playing Guess Who at the therapy office

at the speech therapy office

Zion sliding down a piece of fitness trail equipment

sliding on the fitness trail

Elijah picking strawberries in a weedy row

there's lots of good ones under those weeds

Harvey mowing the lawn with the electric mower

Harvey's new favorite job


moments from the week

boys reclining on grass with bikes

bike rest

Moments from the past week.

shirtless Zion and Elijah playing run the bases in the yard

running the bases

a crowd of homeschool kids and parents at Freeman Lake

the park day beach scene

Elijah making colored sand wearing a top hat

sand coloring in his visiting outfit

Zion eating pizza at a birthday party at the paintball range

pizza and guns

Harvey and Zion picking wildflowers in a meadow

gathering flowers while they may

Elijah toasting a hotdog over a fire

solstice fire hot dog


moments from the week

kids swimming way out in the water at Freeman Lake

open water swimming

Moments from the past week.

Zion sketching on a clipboard in the yard

farm school

Zion, Elijah, and a friend in the little pool on our deck

swimming right at home

Elijah with a guinia pig on his lap

g-pig visit

Harvey in the water at Walden Pond, Zion and Nisia paddling the canoe

boat and swim with cousin

Elijah jumping out of the canoe

boat jumping


moments from the week

Elijah running across a little stream on stepping stones

running stepping stones

Moments from the past week.

the boys and a friend having fun singing at church

kids come to big church

the boys eating rolls at the Farmers Market

opening day at the market

Freeman Lake in the rain, with some kids swimming and others playing on the beach

rainy day lake

Blue sitting on a trail watching Zion, Elijah, and Scout running up

adventuring with dogs

grandparents and cousins around our picnic table with lots of food

family cookout

kids playing dodgeball

anniversary party entertainment


moments from the week

Elijah and Zion drawing the chicks in their outside pen

chick school

Moments from the past week.

the dogs walking into early-morning sunshine

out early with the dogs

Elijah high in the air jumping into the inflatable pool

pool season opens

kids swimming at Park Day

pond too

the boys, with their bikes, looking at a pond in the woods

exploring in Lexington woods

Elijah posing standing on a high fallen tree

posing up a tree


moments from the week

a ladyslipper, with Harvey and Lijah walking on the path beyond it

walking in May

Moments from the past week.

Elijah and a friend running in the distance on the Belfry hill in Lexington

belfry hill

Harvey and Elijah sitting on the grass with the chicks

chick outing

Elijah using lying down Blue as a desk

fuzzy desk

Elijah on rollerblades at the skate park

wheelie feet!

Zion and a friend lying in shallow water at a pond

splash with friends

kids in a big plastic boat thing at a playground

new playground fun

the boys and a friend on the beach in the fog

perfect beach weather


moments from the week

kids lying on the sand at Freeman Pond

beach day at the park

Moments from the past week.

Elijah swinging on a rope swing over a pond

living on the edge

Zion and a friend half-on a tiny kayak, Lijah paddling a regular one

the best boating is when you get wet

me at the outdoor table with pancakes

outdoor breakfasts again

Elijah posing in his Catwings costume

Catwings book party costume

lots of kids sitting on a porch in evening light

summery evening

Zion making a face in front of his baseball birthday cake

big party for the boy