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moments from the week

Scout and Blue lying on the grass

we have two dogs

Moments from the past week.

Zion using the stirrup hoe in the garden


Harvey and Zion with their bikes on a hill overlooking the airport

expedition to the airport

the boys playing with the sprinkler and tarp slip-and-slide

slipping and sliding

smushed rhubarb plants

when the dogs roll in the rhubarb plants

Zion sitting on a big rock, Harvey reaching up

further exploration


moments from the week

Elijah petting Scout

boy and dog

Moments from the past week.

Zion hammering a nail on a fence segment

gate building

Blue and Scout sleeping on the doormat

lots of dogs

Zion next to the cargo bike full of pine needles and a big log

foraging from the forest

Blue sitting on the lawn

Blue in green

the boys looking worn out from digging

hard workers


moments from the week

Harvey's bare feet walking on a fallen trunk

small adventures

Moments from the past week.

Elijah showing off his pigtails on the porch


eating hamburgers and hot dogs at the picnic table

birthday burgers

Harvey and Zion raking in the garden

doing some work

Harvey drawing at the picnic table

a nice place to sketch

my hand holding a smore

a fair attempt

snow falling on the apple blossoms

May flowers and May snow


moments from the week

Lijah holding up a thin piece of ice to look through in the garden

morning ice

Moments and images from the past week.

Zion in the midst of a online tabletop Pokemon game

tabletop online

Harvey at work at the picnic table on the deck

all the work outside

Lijah in swimsuit standing under the sprinkler

it wasn't really that warm

Lijah in his bike helmet resting by the bike shop

he can travel by bicycle

Lijah sitting on the bedroom floor with a half-made stuffed bunny, surrounded by fur debris

making a present for Zion (and a mess)

hammer and chisel and work in progress

my mess is prettier


moments from the week

Lijah riding a two-wheeler for the first time

he did it!

Moments from the past week; not all of Elijah...

Lijah hammering some rusty metal


Harvey biting a smore with his hair blowing in the wind

summery smore

Lijah cradling a musket

minuteman games

Zion splitting a birch log

warming up splitting wood

Zion and Lijah looking at the laptop out on the deck

pretty nice home office

a homemade paper chess set

paper chess

Lijah puckering as he tastes the lemondade he's making, out on the porch


Harvey and Zion wading in Elm Brook, Lijah watching

at Elm Brook


moments from the week

the boys in masks in the woods looking up at trees

identifying oaks

Moments from the past week.

Zion in shorts grabbing an egg in the egg hunt

Easter was warm

Lijah exploring an old abandoned chicken coop

exploring with Elijah

snow falling past the weeping cherry and forsythia

surprise snow shower

Lijah looking at the new chicks


our chickens in their coop

don't forget the chickens

Lijah paining along with a Zoom session

Zoom art collaboration

Zion and Lijah playing in the snow in the yard

even more surprising snow


moments from the week

the boys creating paper easter eggs

essential preparations

Moments and images from the past week.

our family dancing in the playroom to a folk-dance caller on the computer

Sunday evening birthday party dance

a range of sizes of eggs on a dishtowel

egg season

the boys at the picnic table on the deck

first hamburger cookout

marshmallows roasting over our firepit (and some dirty toes warming up)

toasting marshmallows and toes

the boys playing running the bases, not wearing many clothes

getting warm playing run the bases

the boys exploring in a green marsh

out in the green

our table for the virtual seder with Leah's parents

how is this night different from every other night?

Harvey cycling wearing his mask

life these days


moments from the week

Lijah tending a makeshift bar under a tree, Harvey swinging behind him

playing in the yard

Moments from the past week.

my desk set up with microphone and guitar and propped-up notes

the setup for broadcasting Kids Church over Zoom

the boys playing catch in the yard


Leah, Zion,and Lijah doing an video yoga class

vertual stretching

Lijah on top of the step ladder by the maple tree in our yard

climbing ladders...

Zion and Lijah walking up a sloping downed tree

... and trees


moments from the week

purple crocuses poking out of the snow

that time of year

Moments from the past week.

Lijah lying on the rail of the dumpster

trash hauling is hard work

Zion and Lijah refreshing the litter in the nesting boxes

farm work

walking in the woods in the March snowfall

snowy walk

Lijah playing against Liam on Pokemon online (and FaceTime)

online playdate

Lijah running away from the waves on a fairly crowded beach

it's easy to social distance on the beach


moments from the week

Zion and Lijah on a Zoom read-aloud

this is our life now

Lots of moments from the past week—not all of them of us on screens. (Also I finally put up the past three weeks' "moments" posts, if you want to scroll back and check them out).

Zion in his snowsuit by the side door

it was really snowing a little!

the boys playing Quest for El Dorado

never bored with board games

Zion and Lijah looking at a hole in the base of a tree

who lives there?

playing Pictionary with friends over Zoom

Pictionary over Zoom

eating lunch on the back porch

picnic lunch!

Harvey and Lijah on a Zoom call on the iPad on the back deck

still on Zoom, but outside

Harvey and Zion playing with bubbles in the back yard


Zion and Lijah painting at the playroom table

morning art time

Leah and Zion tucked in bed with their digital devices

cuddling with screens

Zion in costume as King Lucas the Loftier

as King Lucas for the Book Club party

Zion and Lijah playing by a spillway

spring means exploring water