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moments from the week

Harvey showing off his 5th grade sign

starting the school year

Moments from the past week.

Zion and Lijah sleeping in the tent

bonus tent sleeping

the boys playing on a playground in the evening sunshine

fall sunshine

Lijah in the hammock chair biting a shiny apple

apple and hammock season

the boys playing on the roof of our minivan

who needs a climbing structure?

Zion sitting down in a pond

almost swimming

Zion in coat and winter hat

getting cold in the mornings


moments from the week

our tent among others in a friend's front yard

front yard camping

A few moments from the past week, a little delayed because of our awesome sleepover last night!

Harvey and Jack swimming in a near-empty Walden Pond

we're still swimming; not many others are

boys enjoying ice cream outside Bedford Farms

summer camp finale

the kids watching a video on Samuel's phone at small group

our community gathering


moments from the week

Harvey and Zion and the Washington Monument


Moments from the past week.

a skeleton T-rex biting a skeleton tricerotops

natural history

a sea lion underwater looking right at the camera

my favorite picture

the boys swimming together in the pond

three swimmers

Lijah getting sprayed with a mister at a kids concert at the library

he volunteered

Zion and friends walking through the 4H fairground

seeing the sights at the fair


moments from the week

the boys posing in front of a gigantic inflatable Pikachu

pokemon world

Moments and images from the past week.

Kamilah taking a picture of Zion between the blueberry bushes

berry picking with today's modern youth

Lijah raking in the garden


our car paused at a Connecticut rest stop at dawn

dawn rest stop

cards on a play mat in our hotel room

pokemon travel

Harvey concentrating on Pokemon cards at a crowded table

playing for the World Championship


moments from the week

kids playing around the ford in Concord's Great Meadows bird sanctuary

the ford in the meadow

We'll write words again one day, I promise. For now, here are some moments from the past week.

Zion in black clothes with a bow and arrow

ninja boy

lots of kids smushed together at the bottom of our slide

all-ages fun

Zion nailing in a board on the porch

fixing a hole

Harvey swimming in Walden Pond

at the pond with Harvey

Leah and the boys singing with Grandpa Ira on the guitar

family sing

pokemon players concentrating

testing for Worlds


moments from the week

Zion standing on a cliffside looking way down at the road


Moments from the past week.

Lijah, Liam, and Henry sitting on the railing of a bandstand watching itinerant musicians

watching the concert

Zion and Lijah sleeping in the tent

sleeping well

Zion and Lijah posing with the ice cream lobster in Bar Harbor


Zion photographing Nathan as Nathan climbs a rock tower in Bar Harbor

action photography

Lijah swimming in a pool

camp pool!

kids posing atop a rock

and then summer camp

Zion and Lijah watching a

library action


moments from the week

Zion sliding down a big bounce house slide

the evening's entertainments

Moments from the past week.

the boys and Nathan eating ice cream on the porch

porch ice cream

Zion smiling to show his missing top tooth

tooth changes

Harvey walking across a big log over a dried-up pond

hiking adventure

Mama giving Lijah a haircut

summer cut

Lijah climbing up a birch tree furnished with spikes for a ladder

up the birch ladder

Zion and Lijah on the beach at Wiscasset looking at the water

on vacation


moments from the week

Harvey playing drums in the Jacksons' shed


Just a couple moments from the past week.

the kids cycling along a tree-shaded bike path

cycling to keep cool

Zion and Lijah in a castle-shaped bounce house

bounce kings


moments from the week

Lijah sitting on the table drawing

the drawing table

Moments from the past week.

Harvey playing checkers on the giant street board in Lexington

street checkers

Lijah and Jack doing a puppet show at the library

puppets with friends

Lijah picking black raspberries to eat

berrying at home

Zion with scotch tape over his mouth

silenced all his life

the kids in the water at Walden Pond under ominous gray clouds

just before the downpour

Zion limboing at an outdoor concert

summer concert season, limbo season

Harvey waiting to blow out birthday candles at the picnic table on the lawn

birthday party at last!


moments from the week

they boys playing in biggish waves

playing with the Atlantic Ocean

Moments from the past week.

the boys gluing shells and sea glass with Grandma

crafting with Grandma

Zion reading a book to his brothers on the beach

beach reading

boys biking past bollards painted to read

the happiest path in town

Lijah dropping baking soda into vinegar on the back porch

outdoor chemistry

kids with backpacks looking out onto Fawn Lake

summer camp is back

the boys playing in a spray fountain on the shores of Boston Harbor

city water