moments from the week

Zion looking at a colonial reenactor on a horse

living history

Some moments from the week.

Lijah with his sword walking with grandpa in a field, the other boys up ahead

grandpa walk

blooms on the weeping cherry tree

signs of spring

Lijah reading in his car seat

joining the car reader club

Lijah laughing by the fence, holding his little sword

happy with one of his many swords

Harvey and Zion at a picnic table for dinner

chilly park picnic

the boys by the slide at the playground

playground with friends

three boys playing with the big legos together

working together, sort of

Zion and Lijah stacking alphabet blocks

at their favorite place

Harvey and Zion watching a historical battle

at the battlefield


Patriots Day weekend

a volley from the militia

After being disappointed in our Patriots Day celebrations last year, Harvey, Zion, and I very much enjoyed the reenactment at Tower Park yesterday: a full hour of non-stop volley firing and maneuvering! And we're very much looking forward to the parade tomorrow. Patriots Day is great!

I hadn't been to Tower Park for the show since back in 2003—my photo library proves it, even if we weren't blogging back then. It's a great event: much more involved than the more famous Monday morning affair on Lexington Green, it has marching and counter-marching, skirmishing and outflanking, galloping horses, and even cannons! And it's nowhere near as crowded, so we were able to find a good spot near where the action began (and even save places for our friends), then move to another spot with great visibility for the ending part of the battle. Plus, it was at 4:00 pm rather than 5:00 am! A win all around, and the kids getting to collect spent paper cartridges afterwards was just a bonus.

Here are some more pictures of the affair:

a line of militiamen just by us firing down the hill

Regulars kneeling, reloading after a volley

closeup: three members of the 4th light infantry

looking up at a regular officer on a brown horse, just by us

the regulars firing a final volley, after the battle was really over

a long line of victorious militiamen shouldering arms