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a parade of Patriots Day photos

the traditional lead group of Lexington's Patriots Day parade

wounded LHS fifers represent

Patriots Day fell on the proper day this year—the historically accurate April 19th—which was of course very exciting to realize. As our family is not at an age to appreciate the early-morning reenactment, we limited our celebration of the day to the parade, and a grand time was had by all.

a band

yay trumpets!

For Patriots Day Lexington puts on rather a bigger show than our little town can manage for Bedford Day. There were bands, flag twirlers, horses, farm advocates, clowns, and—this being a town utterly steeped in history—reenactors. The revolutionary-era folks we expect but there were also representatives from the Civil War:

a civil war reenactor

lets keep this civil...

And the Second World War:

a World War II reenactor

no, it's not too soon

Some of the marchers looked a little young to be out there fighting, but I suppose when you're trying to win your freedom you do what you have to do!

a young reenactor from Arlington

I bet he killed the coon himself

Harvey, who woke up just before the first units came by, thoroughly enjoyed the whole thing—except for the sirens and truck horns, which were mercifully few. He came away with one lollypop—which we may have to save for him until he's three or so—and a flag, which he waved proudly when he wasn't hitting me with it. Oh, the patriotism!

Harvey watching the parade

showing off his patriotism


Flashbacks to parade pictures from the Cape.

There is a certain similarity to parade pictures from all places and times, is there not...

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