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somewhat leonine; and snowman adventures

Harvey playing in a little bit of snow

not much, but the best we've seen so far

We enjoyed the first realish snowstorm of winter proper the end of last week, with March coming in with a very satisfactory lion-like storm. Unfortunately, it was so warm that a day and a half of snow produced about 3 inches of total accumulation (though it was awful dense!), and the snow was also followed by a fair amount of rain Saturday morning. But the afternoon turned nice enough to let us play outside.

Waiting for me to get my things together Harvey dug a little in the snow and told me that he thought there was enough to make a bunny hole. Since by that he meant a totally awesome snow cave in which he could sit comfortably upright, I was sadly forced to inform him that that would not be possible. Instead, we made a snowman.

Harvey fashioning a snowman

a careful touch

He was very fond of our creation, only disappointed that we couldn't make it a talking snowman. He spent a fair amount of time hugging it.

Harvey hugging his snowman


In fact, so enamored was he that he wanted me to stick him to the snowman with snow or, failing that, to cover himself with snow (I suppose to be more like the snowman?). He worked hard for a while, but to his considerable distress it just wouldn't stay on.

closeup of Harvey's knee as he tries to stick snow on it

he's not sticky enough

If the snowman couldn't have Harvey it could at least have a baby made entirely of snow to console it, and Harvey could be consoled inside with dry pants and a story and an imminent departure to Grandma's house for my birthday party. So everyone survived.

the snowman holding a baby snowman

this might be the only way we get more snow this year

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