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how do we do this again?

As you may or may not know, I try and pay attention to the weather we experience here on the squibix homestead. Enough attention to write down a brief daily summary, at least, and to know that it's been a very long time since we've had any significant snow around here—though not enough to notice this afternoon that snow was currently falling pretty heavily and that, oops, the bicycles are all outside following a lovely brisk trip to the bank and library. Luckily the snow so far is very light and fluffy and brushed off nicely; I detached the trailer and shook it upside-down to get the snow out of there.

We're forecast to have 6-8 inches, which would make this the biggest snowfall in the last 23 months (since February 2nd, 2011... is my math right?). Last year we saw only a couple of significant snowfalls, on Halloween and at the beginning of March, so while snow itself isn't quite foreign to our experience I'm still not quite used to dealing with actual winter weather. Like, is this snow going to stick around for a while? I never even brought in my hoses this fall! I still have lettuce in the ground!!

Harvey, though, knows what to do with proper winter weather. Going to bed he was already planning to make a snow fort tomorrow; he was only one and a half last time such a thing was possible, but he clearly remembers it very well. He should get together with Grandma; she was talking to me on the phone about sledding tomorrow. Could it be true?!

I did happen to notice, looking back over the weather records, that our tremendous 2010-2011 winter didn't see any significant snow itself until December 27th, so if we're in for another season like that one we're not far off schedule!

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