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Harvey's first snow day

Yesterday's rain started turning into snow at around 4:00 in the evening, but it was dark and wet and we were tired so we didn't get too excited about it then. It sure was nice out when we woke up, though!

Because we were having a home church morning, we had plenty of time to bundle up and head out for a nice long walk. Too much time to get ready, Rascal thought: he was itching to get out from the moment he woke up and saw the snow. Harvey didn't know one way or another; it's his first real snow (that October stuff didn't really count) but he doesn't really have the capacity to enjoy it yet. So we enjoyed it for him, and I think he picked up a little bit of our joy.


like the new snowy look of the site

Love those pics! We've got the freezing temps out here in Seattle but no snow...which is kind of a bummer!

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