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fair-weather farmers marketers

I walked to the farmers market in the rain this afternoon. Three observations:

1. It's been forever since I walked anywhere by myself. Rascal needs his walks, obviously; Harvey is always happy to be outside, and when it's just us boys I can hardly leave him behind anyways; and I'll take a walk with my lovely wife whenever I can get it! So it was interesting to be solo: I put in a lot of miles that way back in the day. It's pretty boring, actually.

2. Boring, and also slow. My goodness, bikes are a wonderful invention!

3. I thought farmers were supposed to be tough! A little bit of light rain and more than half of them don't even show up for the market. Though perhaps it's more their assessment of the people of Bedford, in which case they made the right call: there weren't many customers there either. It just goes to show how thin is the commitment to local food around here: we'll show up if the sun is out, but if not... eh, there's always Stop & Shop. Except, of course, for the few of us with a violent overwrought dislike for Stop & Shop. Thank goodness for the Lexington Market tomorrow!

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