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blizzard day

harvey snowsuited against the blizzard

warm and dry amidst winter's blasts

It never snows but it pours around here: except for a few stray flakes the only snow we've seen this winter has been in blizzard form. This one was even bigger than the last one; over twice as big, in fact, if you go by depth of snow on the front walk.

our house with even more snow than last time

those piles don't look so big to me...

It's hard to tell from the photo, but the snow is pretty high on either side of the walk. I have hopes of constructing a multi-room snow house under the pile to the right and a toboggan run down the one to the left. (Harvey and I actually started the latter project this evening; he was understandably very reluctant to leave it to come inside to bed.) High enough that the neighborhood kids could perch happily up on it for a photo, and not one of them could get up there by themselves. The three-year-old (pictured center) was happy to give the little ones a push to help them get down, though!

the neighborhood boys on a snowbank

taking a break from shovelling


Harvey looks well protected. How does Harvey like wearing all those clothes? I'm glad we don't live in a super cold place like that. I have to fight with my kids to wear pants and long sleeve T-shirt when it's 35 degrees outside. Usually I only win part way and they go in pants and a short sleeve shirt.

He's a New England boy: he knows he needs all those clothes if he wants to be cozy and comfy outside. Since he loves playing outside, it isn't usually any trouble getting him suited up. (In fact, if his mitten or hat should happen to come off we're sure to hear about it pretty quick!)

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