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beautiful spring weather

a snowy spring morning in our yard

sometimes the weather makes fools of us all

I'm not a fan of April Fools Day, but I can't say I mind the prank that the weather pulled on us this morning. Sure, there was a lot of complaining from folks who are well past ready for spring, and I think that attitude is starting to be a little bit justified (not like last time), but we know that snow now won't stick around for long. And just think how much better it is for the garden than hard rain would be!

There was a break in the precipitation just as I was leaving for work so I took the bike, which would have been perfect had I been wearing footwear for rain rather than for snow. It was pretty wet out there. Still, while my feet were damp all day, at least they were plenty warm. And on the way home the bike path was even plowed!

I stopped for a minute coming home to snap this picture. See, you can't keep a good spring down for long!

young plants in the snow

the plants know it won't last

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