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snow joke

the garden (and wheelbarrow) covered with snow

we were almost ready for it

It was supposed to be Halloween today, but it snowed yesterday and a whole lot of things got cancelled. Imagine our surprise!

In fact, we weren't taken completely unaware, since the forecast looked pretty dire. We cleaned up the garden, tried desperately to get the car with passable winter traction running, and made sure to head home in good time after helping the Adamses make their final moving preparations. The rain changed to snow when we were about halfway home.

Harvey with the first snowman of winter 2011-2012

snow pals

As I predicted Harvey was much more appreciative this time, especially when primed with a bedtime reading of The Snowy Day. Yesterday morning dawned bright and clear so we were able to make it to church, and there was still plenty of snow left when we got home for the entertainments pictured above. There's still a fair amount now, in fact, even after a full day of heavy dripping from the eaves. Not enough, though, to explain the continued round of cancellations: I was home from work today, and will be again tomorrow, which is of course wonderful from a family point of view though slightly taxing on the finances.

a downed tree blocking the road

can't go over it, can't go under it...

But there are still things like that clogging up the works everywhere, we understand, not to mention vast swathes of houses and businesses (and schools) without electricity. Not that we're bothered at all: we only lost power for an undetermined but brief amount of time while we were sleeping Saturday night, and while we did have to detour through a muddy dirt parking lot to avoid the particular fallen tree in the photo (and make other divers course corrections as needed for other hazards) we were able to get everywhere we were going without any real trouble.

Unless, that is, you count going to other people's houses to get candy, something that Harvey was particularly excited about. We even practiced at home to make sure he had his "trick-or-treat" down. He did, but at the first house he went to we got the sad news that Halloween has been rescheduled for Saturday. Is that even possible?!

So. Harvey is mollified by one piece of candy from our supply (which has now been opened and so is at risk of not surviving until next weekend...), and I suppose we'll do the whole thing again. I also suppose I'll have to go back to work at some point. But not tomorrow!


Oh yeah, cute Halloween pictures were taken before we got the sad news, but my camera is downstairs so I'm going to save those for tomorrow. Or, you know, Saturday.

That's so sad that Halloween was postponed for you guys! But glad to hear that you have aunt in New Hampshire is still without power (yay generators).

Leah, if you want to see pics from MHC of what the snow storm did here's a link:

poor trees :(

Woah! that's crazy! that college has a lot of trees!

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