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further snow experiences

Zion on the snowy front walk eating snow


It turns out that our boys like snow better when the sun is out and the temperature is well above freezing. If nothing else that means they can eat it more comfortably, without having to worry about it sticking to their mittens. Good thing, because we have a fair amount of it around.

Not to say that all was wonderful in our outside adventures this afternoon; more whining was involved than I quite like, even with the positively tropical conditions. I turned down an invitation to go sledding with friends but when I felt how warm it was I regretted my decision for a moment. But only a moment, because trying to play in the snow with Harvey right outside our front door was aggravating enough: I wanted to Have Fun, because snow is Fun, and he wanted time to be able to make up his own mind on the subject. Which is entirely fair (though I would have preferred he work through things without the aforementioned whining).

It seems to me that this is yet another potential parenting pitfall, especially for parents like myself who never really grew up properly. "The things I like are awesome and you should enjoy them with me!" Actually, maybe that's a relationship pitfall in general. Thinking rationally, though, if there are things that I'm interested in doing I should do them for myself; and if I look like I'm having a good time than maybe someone else will join me. Which I did, and, eventually, he did. Behold our snow cave, 2013 edition:

Harvey in a snow cave

he fits!

Same style, same place as our 2011 version:

Harvey in a snow cave

'welcome to my bunny hole'

(Yeah, that's Harvey at 1; some confusion is understandable since in that photo he's wearing all Zion's snow gear.)

This time the snow was a little softer, so after he got involved in the process we expanded to a rear entrance.

Harvey climbing up through a hole in the snowbank

Dada can't fit through that side

Then snow in the boots and elsewhere put a stop to further work, but all in all it was a good time. Thanks, Harvey, for playing with me!

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