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well-behaved again for a holiday

A Bedford minuteman carrying the town flag in the parade

town pride time again

It was Bedford Day today, and we very much enjoyed the festivities. The day started with a family meeting to address certain issues, and since the discussion was well-received we packed up and headed out to the parade. Like last time it was plagued with candy-crazed youths, but once we got a couple pieces ourselves we were able to relax and enjoy the sights.

Harvey sucking on a lollypop as he watches the parade

all is right with the world

Politicians, boy scouts, high school band: all just as you'd expect. This being a liberal Boston suburb, there was also a group of young violinists and a large anti-war group. Alone among that list the violinists failed to throw candy. Of course, not all the candy was appreciated by all the Archibalds.

Zion trying to get tootsie roll out of his mouth

"I can't like it!"

After the parade we headed over the the fair. There were big trucks.

Zion sitting in the bucket of a front-end loader

looking smaller than usual

And rescue equipment.

Harvey in the cab of a fire truck

he can almost reach the pedals

Firemen demonstrated the jaws of life on a poor defenseless car. Harvey enjoyed watching that considerably more than Zion (he wasn't sure if he approved at all) but they both liked considering the end result.

Harvey and Zion saying cheese in front of a car destroyed in a life-saving demonstration

broken car tourists

Mama left at lunch time, after which we boys took in some dancing, a karate demonstration, and a brass quintet. Everyone left the area at the end of the shouting and jumping part, so we were able to get right up close to the horn players.

Harvey and Zion lying on the grass listening to a brass quintet

a small crowd but very engaged

Next we visited the library book sale. I'd given the boys fifty cents each to get a book, but the kids' section was a veritable wasteland; even Zion could see that. So after a pause to read some books and do some puzzles in the library proper, I took them out into the maze of booths to see if there was anything else they could buy. They settled on splitting a $1 brownie, showing excellent cooperation: the family meeting is working!

The only disappointment of the afternoon was missing the balloons. Apparently a bank was giving them out, but by the time we thought to try and get one they were all out. The boys settled for coloring books and crayons.

Harvey and Zion drawing in the playground

a calm end to the afternoon

Besides the balloons I'm sure there was a whole lot of fair that we didn't even see, but we enjoyed ourselves for a good five hours... and of course there's always next year!

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