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early winter

the front of the house with snow

afternoon after one storm

Never mind the calendar, winter has us in its grip. With two serious storms so far we've already had more snow than we did all last winter up to February, as I figure it. First on Saturday night and Sunday morning we got eight or ten inches topped off with some rain (which froze Sunday afternoon), then today we got another six plus inches of beautiful light fluffy snow, with more still falling as I write this.

The boys didn't get much chance to play in the first snow, what with the rain and then the crust that formed after the rain making it pretty tough for them to walk, but the timing today was much better. They went out this afternoon and when I came home at 4:00 Harvey was still out by himself, so I joined him and we played about an hour—long past dark, for sure. Who cares that it was just 14°F (7° with the wind chill!) he was warm as toast in his new snowsuit, so much so that he was happy to sit still for about 15 minutes and eat snow.

Harvey, snowsuited hooded, smiles for the phone camera next to the chicken coop


I love all weather, but snowstorms are my favorite, and I'm glad to see that Harvey shares my enthusiasm, and I was charmed Saturday afternoon to hear his joyful proclamation that "the winter storm is starting!". I can't help but notice that when he about the age Zion is now he was already delighting in winter sports; though in his defense Zion is quite a bit smaller and probably feels the cold more. And I'm sure that with a few readings of Snowy Day and the promise of some (tame and safe) sledding he'll come around in no time!


Zion had fun too for the first ten minutes of playing outside, but his boots kept slipping off when he broke through the crust and Mama got a little tired of bending over to hold him up by his hands. Still, Harvey does inherit Dada's special way of being excited about the weather. Many times yesterday he stood at the window and said, "The snow is so beautiful" and when he was outside in the falling snow he remarked, "The snow is so gentle!" He's a regular 4-year-old Robert Frost.

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