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snowy day

Harvey, Zion, and a friend posing in the snow

snow-day gang

I got my snow!

snow falling in the yard

everything pretty again

What a difference from a couple days ago; even last night, as I worked in the yard to get things ready for the snow, it was warm enough that I was comfortable in my shirt sleeves. Today we were comfortable in snow suits.

the boys playing in the heavily-falling snow

rough and tumble

It wasn't that cold, but it was snowy and wet, and the boys spent several delightful hours outside. They would have stayed longer yet, but all their friends had to go in.

Harvey and Zion just inside the front door, still geared up and covered with snow

that's after I made them shake off outside

The snow stopped just before sunset, and the clouds parted to let a ray of sun through to illuminate the snow-covered trees. A perfect end to a beautiful snowy day!

the tips of the snow-covered trees lit up by a break in the clouds at sunset

everybody else posted this picture on facebook

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