ah well

While I wasn't writing in November I was riding. I set myself a goal of riding my bike outside every day of the month, and it was going great: I did some long rides, some short technical rides, and some fun exploring rides with the boys. Winter twilight led me into riding in the woods with lights for the first time, which was fun. Some days I didn't have it in me to go anywhere when I went out after dark, so I just practiced on our street, trying to get my bunny hops higher and my balance better. All good times! But there's a lot going on in our life that makes it a stretch to ride for two hours in a day, or even half an hour, and after my longest ride of the month Sunday afternoon—24 miles, almost all of it off-road!—I just barely managed 15 minutes of practicing yesterday. And today I decided to take a day off. From riding, that is: a lot of other work got done. I'm sure not putting the bike away for the season, though! Now that the pressure's off I look forward to lots more fun rides before the month is out... and who's to say we can't keep riding into December?

buddy can you spare a door?

On Saturday Zion was having a delightful time presenting a play for his family in the living room. In the wildness of his performance he ran up against the door and put his hand right through the glass. That put a stop to things! Fortunately, he wasn't hurt at all—he smashed a clean hole with the heel of his hand and his wrist managed to miss all the sharp parts. So since we didn't have to go to the hospital we were free to get mad.

Not too mad, of course, because what can you do? These things happen. Even to 110-year-old doors. Leah's thought was to replace the whole thing, but I was having none of it—I love that door! I was determined that we could repair it, that the oval window was actually a rectangle of glass in a wood frame. Leah did her part and sourced a replacement pane of glass, and I went to work taking apart the door. I soon discovered that I wouldn't be able to just pull the broken glass out of the window panel, so Saturday afternoon I got started making a replacement. It's not done yet. We're glad that the weather was warm over the weekend, and a little concerned that the temperature is now trending distinctly downward. I hung a blanket over the open space (we do have a storm door too, but it's none to snug in its frame) and, having just finished rereading The Long Winter, I've been telling the family that Laura and Mary had it much worse in 1881. But it's safe to say that I'll be working hard on the project tomorrow!

moments from the week

the boys hiking on a path between rocks

november is rocky

Moments from the past week.

Harvey and Zion petting goats through a fence

we used to visit them all the time...

Elijah riding his bike down stairs

street trials

Lijah working with letter tiles on the floor with mamas, baby, and dog nearby

our school is a family affair

Zion and Havana working on math in the yard

partner work


the bones of the the earth

We took a walk this afternoon at Whipple Hill in Lexington. It was the first time we'd been there in a couple months, and it sure looks different in November than it did in early September! With the leaves down, the steep hilly terrain is exposed, as are all kinds of delightful rock outcropping that tempted us to explore them. (We saw a good-sized group of kids with a pair of adults on the best of them; I wonder if they were another homeschool group?) And from the top of the hill, which is the highest point in Lexington, we could see for miles and miles—much better than in summertime when it's enclosed with leaves. I think we could see Mt Wachusset looming in the distance, but of course we couldn't be sure. It was something impressive anyways! We also spotted lots of fun looking lines for biking. We may be making a return trip there soon!

I'm not dead

When I stop writing in the blog it's sometimes hard to get going again. Here's what happened. With the election outcome in doubt, I couldn't focus on anything, and certainly not writing. Any time I sat down at the computer I was drawn inexorably toward checking the news, and then reading to the same contentless words over and over again. You know, there wasn't actually that much happening between when I voted on Tuesday and we heard the results the following Saturday... but people were happy to pretend there might be, and I was primed to listen to them!

Then almost immediately after we got the happy news about Biden's victory, we had a personal farm tragedy: the dogs got out in the yard unsupervised with the chickens and attacked them. They killed one right away, and wounded another very seriously. She lingered for almost two days in our little chicken hospital box, but there was nothing we could really do for her besides making her as comfortable as possible, and she died Monday afternoon. Goodbye, Brownie and Ramona: we all miss you. There were many tears shed. Then after that the rest of the week was pretty normal, but the psychological fatigue and inertia kept me from getting back into writing. What would I say?

So that's what happened. I plan on going back and adding photos for the past two Sundays I missed, and as Thanksgiving gets closer I'm sure there will be more things I want to write about. So I guess you haven't heard the last of me yet.