pretending to be a real teacher

We're gearing up for the start of the school year over here. We had a real summer vacation this year, and it was horrible. Well, not really; we had lots of fun adventures. But overall it was chaotic and unsettling and nobody really felt good most of the time. So I, for one, am looking forward to having a little bit more schedule this fall, beginning this Tuesday. That's when school starts in Bedford, so that's when we're starting too. I'm trying to be all organized, both because of the trauma of the summer and because Harvey is high-school age now, so I guess it counts? He has classes with names now: Biology, Algebra 1, Ancient History... like it's a real thing. Havana said the other day that I always start out school with big plans and they all just fade away by the middle of October. That's not going to happen this year! I have spreadsheets! Um... I'll let you know if a couple days!

does this thing still work?

Hey, so it's been a little while since I wrote here I guess! I told myself I'd get back to it in September, but now it's September and bedtime so this is what we get. Um... look out for more updates later?


On Sunday morning, the one day of the week when we need to get out in a hurry, my car wouldn't start. Luckily Leah didn't need to be anywhere so we piled in hers instead. We ended up using it all day, because I didn't have time to even think about what might be wrong, and while I totally appreciate having a backup option it was a little disconcerting driving something so unlike what I'm used to. Especially when we were leaving opera rehearsal and it was dark, and snowing, on top of being city driving that I'm not really relaxed about to begin with! I definitely jolted the kids more than once over the course of the day by slamming on the breaks: Leah's car has a very responsive pedal, while our van is more leisurely in its stopping power and demands a heavy foot. This morning I finally managed to jump-start the van, and we used it to get places today (we went on a lovely walk in Concord), which means I was getting used to different breaking behavior all over again. And also to having room for the kids and all our stuff; that was easy to come back to!

not enough!

It snowed, and there was a delightful amount of snow in the air: yesterday afternoon, yesterday evening, overnight, this morning, this afternoon... but not, sadly, enough on the ground. It was right around freezing the whole storm, so for large swathes of time the snow was accumulating very slowly or not at all. I think we got two and a half inches all together, but even that was compressed to under two inches by its own weight. Some people shoveled their driveways, which I thought was entirely unnecessary; though I was delighted at the energy Zion showed in clearing off the front steps and the porch (and Elijah had fun with the back deck). We of course thought of sledding, but there wasn't enough for that, either—at least, not enough to drive to any sort of hill. If we'd had a slope in our yard we would have gone for it for sure. But the kids did get outside with friends for a wild couple hours of snowball fights, snow wrestling, and snow-cat making, so the day wasn't entirely a bust. The forecast high for tomorrow in 47°F, so I'm afraid the snow won't stick around long. I do hope there's more; this winter's been kind of a bust so far, and we do love snow!

moments from the week

Elijah standing on very thin ice at the edge of Freeman Lake

just barely ice

A few moments from the past week.

Harvey and Zion resting on a stone wall made of big stones

a little rest on big stones

Harvey and Elijah sliding on a big frozen puddle in a clearing

ice on grass is safe

Elijah and other kids climbing high up in a white pine tree

climbing high