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summer in February

Zion and Nathan playing shirtless in the yard

warm work

It's not every year that the kids can have a snowball fight shirtless and with bare feet, but we witnessed it last week. Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday—each day warmer than the last, melting a foot of snow down to almost nothing (rain Saturday night after a slightly cooler day finished it off). There was lots to enjoy: Leah got to run in shorts, Harvey took a long bike ride with a friend, the kids had the aforementioned snowball fight. We took a hike Friday and Harvey and Zion were in shorts and sandals (though we walked through enough snow that they maybe would have made a different footwear choice if they could do it again). But there's also the nagging sense that it shouldn't really be so warm in February, and that climate change is dooming us all. Kind of spoils the fun.

So, even though I probably have to abandon my plan of direct sowing arugula seeds in the garden this month (I was going to use row covers if it got cold again!), I was glad to see more seasonable weather make a return yesterday. Especially when we got home from church and I could put my hat on again—I forgot that you need to wear more clothes in the winter.

We marked the end of the crazy warm weather with a fire Saturday evening. The boys invited the neighbor kids over and we toasted marshmallows, then they played with fire for a while as the temperature dropped and a light rain started to fall. It was fun. We'll do it again... like, towards the end of April?

long-exposure shot of Harvey waving a spark around

fire drawing


past midwinter

Yesterday morning everybody was up around 7:00 and we had our pancake breakfast done with before 8:00, leaving us with plenty of time for cleaning jobs before we went out to the bus stop. It's been a while since the morning has felt so spacious, but the winter's drawing on and that old sun is coming up earlier and earlier. Evenings have felt luxuriously late for a while now; yesterday the boys were out until 5:30 and it was still just dusky when they came in.

The only problem with thinking about spring now is that we've barely had a winter! It hasn't been below freezing for several days, and the boys have completely forgotten about dressing warmly when they go outside. It's nice that they can just head out the door; less so when it does cool down some and we have to listen to them complaining that they're chilly when there isn't anything we can do about it! There's a little cold in the forecast the next couple days, and maybe even some snow. I do hope we get some more: one day of sledding in a winter just isn't enough!

winter is here

Snow on the yard and chicken coop at dawn

first light on first snow

It snowed Sunday night. After we put the boys to bed Leah asked me about the forecast for the day to come; checking the forecast I saw that the "current conditions" said snow. And so it was! (I did check). Not the most romantic way to notice the first snow of the season, but we'll take it. I was sad the boys couldn't see it falling—but on the other hand the surprise only intensified their joy in the morning.

Zion going down the steps into the lightly-snowed yard, the chickens in front of him

boy and chickens experiencing winter

Zion and Lijah made some time to play in it before breakfast. Harvey, being older and more heavily burdened with responsibilities, had to make due with bringing a snowball in along with the eggs as he did his chores. (Don't worry, they all got to have fun in it when we went out to the bus stop—we still do that).

When the sun got going at 11:00 or so the snow melted right away, but not before marking our morning with delight. On the other hand, it was pretty cold in the house all day, which we might have to do something about... but that's a topic for another blog post.


a stroke of heat

It's been really hot here the last couple days: hot enough to take over our lives—our entire theory of existence. But we put the air conditioner up in the bedroom (to make napping possible) and I figured out how to open most of the stuck windows, so I think we're going to pull through. I got to the windows this morning when I went downstairs to discover it was maybe ten degrees warmer inside the house than outside—too much to fix with the doors open before the sun got up and the outdoor temperature raced back up again. So the house was warmish today, and we didn't know what we were going to do with ourselves all day; until the boys solved our dilemma by coming down with a debilitating fever. Then they were happy to lie on the couch with the fan on them and alternate between sleeping and watching movies!

Two of them, anyways; Lijah has escaped so far, so he spent his time at home jumping on his brothers, messing with the iPad, and putting the vomit bucket on his head as a helmet. To defend them he got to go on errands with Mama and Dada, and enjoy AC and samples at stores as diverse as Whole Foods and Costco (no points for guessing which outing goes with which parent). Here's a picture of Zion sleeping on the floor this morning; he dropped there on the way to the breakfast table for pancakes, and if Lijah hadn't sat on him he probably would have been there all day. As it was he transitioned to the couch where he stayed all day—until maybe 7:00 when he got up to have a pancake at long last.

Zion asleep on the kitchen floor

needs his rest

By that time the heat had broken (after a terrific windstorm with only a little rain). Yesterday it never broke at all: terrible hot well after dark. And we were all healthy, though less raring to go than we would have been in more temperate conditions. Though in retrospect, maybe the early warning signs were there. We certainly took very well to the news that it was, apparently, National Hammock Day.

Harvey in the hammock reading an Asterix book

celebrating in style

Just the thing when the heat index is over 100°.

I have no problem with it being hot in the summer. It's to be expected. And I think with the AC and the windows (and the hammock!) we're all set for a couple more days of this craziness—all set, that is, as long as the other three of us don't get sick!


rainy day fun

It's been raining here for days, seems like, which is keeping us indoors a little more than we'd like. Not entirely, though! Tuesday was warm enough that when the rain lightened up and the sun threatened to break through the clouds for a moment, we were ready to jump into action. And there are good things about rain, too!

Harvey riding his scooter into a giant puddle

we love this puddle

Yes, besides several damp walks we enjoyed some time riding scooters into a giant puddle. Again. Because why wouldn't you?! And when I say we, I mean we; there are plenty of activities that, as a parent, I consider beneath my dignity—but riding a scooter at top speed into a mud puddle is emphatically not one of them. In fact, I can imaging nothing more dignified. Especially since I, unlike both of my older children, managed not to fall completely into the water.

muddy clothes scattered on the front porch

the aftermath

Actually, I think Harvey just sat down in the water on purpose after Zion fell, but the effect was the same. That put an end to the outdoor time, but they were happy enough to jump into the tub—where they stayed for the next hour or so. Water water everywhere; and obviously it continues to appeal!


surprise reprise

Remember when it snowed back in March? That was delightful and exciting and it melted quick and we all had a laugh. Then in April we had another snowstorm. Two more, actually.

snow falling in the front yard and street

what month is it again?

That's the afternoon of the second storm. The first one was Sunday, when we woke up to heavy snow starting to fall; two inches accumulated in less that two hours, making for a pretty tricky drive to church. But then the sun came out and it all melted before mid afternoon. The second one, yesterday, wasn't as speedy—but it snowed pretty steadily all day and never got warm. So there was still plenty of snow around this morning. Just like winter!

snow on the street the morning after

the scene the next morning

In March the boys were excited for one last chance to romp in the snow, but apparently they meant last chance. We stayed inside all day Monday (we were also all a little sick). Maybe it's just the wrongness of snow in April that put us off.

daffodils smushed down by snow

poor daffodils

But today was bright and sunny—though wintery cold—and we managed to venture outside a bit.

the boys walking along the snowy bike path

pretty wintery

Even though it was barely above freezing all day, that April sun is strong. There's still snow hanging around, but nevertheless you don't have to look far to see that spring has some power behind it yet!

Zion walking in a mostly-thawed puddle

spring water wins

Happy first week of April!



Harvey walking on the edge of the woods through thickly falling snow

howdy, spring!

I suppose we could have expected that after a winter as strange as the one that just finished spring might have some surprises for us too, and so it proved. We woke up this morning to about four inches of snow, with more falling fast. No dismay here, though: we were all delighted!

Lijah led the charge outside; we could hardly restrain him until after breakfast. I suppose he didn't think he needed breakfast when there was all that snow to eat.

Lijah in his cute red hat eating snow

he's cool with snow by now

Zion was happy to let Harvey and me go for a walk with Rascal, and after a few minutes playing with Mama and Lijah he settled down to a quiet game with the trucks (picking right up where he left off Saturday playing in the dirt).

Zion playing with big toy trucks in the snow

move that snow

And of course, Rascal loves a snowy walk more than just about anything else.

Rascal in heavy falling snow, looking back at the camera

he's kind enough to wait for us

As soon as the snow stopped falling it started melting—or maybe even before. But there was enough that it's taking a little while, and there was still plenty for Lijah to snack on as we strolled through Concord this afternoon.

Lijah on the path to the library in Concord--sun shining, snow melting fast

enjoying it while it lasts

When wintery weather follows a nice warm stretch you worry some about the plants, but there's no call for alarm this season; this delightful surprise snow was just a momentary treat, but spring is seriously on the way.

purple crocuses poking through the snow

the flowers are winning


moments from the week

Zion in the rain, biting his raincoat collar

rainy play

Moments from the past week, between and during rain storms.

Lijah on Lexington Green lookin serious with a frisbee

disc sports are serious business

Zion and Harvey climbing Lexington's Minuteman statue

climbing tourism

threatning-looking clouds over the end of our street

stormy weather

Harvey and Zion in their camping chairs in the neighbors driveway

waiting for the storm with the neighbors

Zion sliding down a sandy concrete slope head first on a piece of cardboard

now that's a playground

Mama, Lijah, and Zion playing with vehicles and stuffed animals on the green lawn

look how green!


cold weather

It was really cold here this weekend.

a screenshot of the weather report, showing -33 wind chill

see? cold.

In response, or just through sympathetic resonance, all the boys in the house came down with colds. Lijah is worst hit being smallest, which means Leah is really worst hit: when he can't sleep due to a stuffy nose and croup-y cough, she's the one that suffers. Zion looks the worst, with red irritated skin under his nose and one eye and all round his mouth.

Zion in his carseat looking like death

not sad, just tired

Today, though, just as the weather turned dramatically warmer—a 60° swing in under 48 hours—the big boys and I are clearly on the road to recovery. If he can manage a little sleep Lijah is sure to follow, and we'll all be ready to enjoy whatever this crazy winter throws at us next!


snowy day

Harvey, Zion, and a friend posing in the snow

snow-day gang

I got my snow!

snow falling in the yard

everything pretty again

What a difference from a couple days ago; even last night, as I worked in the yard to get things ready for the snow, it was warm enough that I was comfortable in my shirt sleeves. Today we were comfortable in snow suits.

the boys playing in the heavily-falling snow

rough and tumble

It wasn't that cold, but it was snowy and wet, and the boys spent several delightful hours outside. They would have stayed longer yet, but all their friends had to go in.

Harvey and Zion just inside the front door, still geared up and covered with snow

that's after I made them shake off outside

The snow stopped just before sunset, and the clouds parted to let a ray of sun through to illuminate the snow-covered trees. A perfect end to a beautiful snowy day!

the tips of the snow-covered trees lit up by a break in the clouds at sunset

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