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I really wanted to do the moments from the week post on Sunday, or at least Monday: we did so many exciting things last week that I captured on pretend film! Or at least one very exciting thing, a trip to Hartford so Harvey could compete with the nation's best in a day of Pokemon card battles. But my phone is not cooperating. It doesn't want to share its photos with my computer. I'm sure we'll work it out, but for now that's the hold-up.

However, I do own an actual camera. Quite a good one, actually, thanks to my family's generosity a couple Christmases ago. Only it's a little cumbersome, and also a little complicated... I confess that after a year and half I still haven't managed to read the manual enough to really bring out its best. Even with my lack of skill, though, there are definitely still some areas where it far outstrips my phone camera, and on our visit to the Acton Arboretum today it totally proved its worth.

pink flowers

May flowers

We'd never been before; I had no idea it was there, even. We went with friends from our homeschool coop, and had a great time. Besides the flowers, there were also turtles and frogs.

a frog

he liked the rain too

Pictures of humans will hopefully be forthcoming in the near future.



bare trees and gray sky behind the Old North Bridge

gray light

I had a project to post something every weekday in October, and I did. Then I thought I could take a break in November. We've also been pretty tired out and some of us sick. But that hasn't prevented us from enjoying the November weather.

Zion's face poking up from a leaf pile

big pile

You'd never guess that iconic-type of fall image was actually taken on the sidewalk of a busy street. All the leaves fell at once this year, so there's pretty much a pile under every tree.

the three boys playing in a leaf pile on the sidewalk of a busy road

roadside entertainment

After that moment of fun and a short trip through Wilson Farm (ask Lijah about the llama...) we went down to Arlington to walk around the Reservoir. Around, and in some cases over: it's very shallow this fall. Still enough water for swans.

Zion and Harvey looking at a pair of swans on a pond

bird watching

The next day I took the boys to Concord. We stopped at the Old North Bridge—pictured at the top of this post—and generally got into things. Like trees.

all three boys up in a tree

trees make us smile

Zion was very excited to find a shiny button.

Zion showing off his brass button


We thought it might be off a redcoat's jacket. There was one talking to tourists not far away, but when we looked at his uniform we saw it wasn't a match. Disappointing, but at least it meant Zion got to keep it!

As well as the bridge and its surrounds, we also explored the boathouse. I'd never been in before—I didn't know one even could saw that he could open the latch he didn't hesitate to invite the rest of us in. We had fun playing in the semi-darkness.

Lijah in the dim light of the boat house, by the just-cracked door

gloomy fun

The dock was fun too.

the boys at the end of the dock, looking into the murkey water

don't fall in

And at home, we even managed to enjoy—briefly—a fire out in the yard. It was Lijah who encouraged me—commanded me—to start it, and the two of us spent a lovely 15 minutes appreciating the warmth and light.

a fire in the grill, seen past Lijah's shoulder


November at its finest.


more early fall moments

Not as much time to write as I'd like, but enough to take pictures. After the party the boys were happy to have the tables around to enjoy.

Zion, Harvey, and a friend playing a board game on a party table outside

tables outside in beautiful weather

There are lots of things you can do with tables.

Harvey and Zion pulling Lijah sled-style on an overturned table

mush, you huskies!

The weather last weekend was cold in the mornings and hot mid day; hard to know what to wear first thing.

Zion and Harvey walking in the woods; Harvey with winter jacket

morning walk... shorts or winter coat?

It was plenty warm last Saturday for the local church's Apple Fest.

a display of pumpkins at a church fair

pumpkins for the apple fest

And whatever the weather, we like to spend time by the water whenever we can.

Harvey and Lijah by the shore of Spy Pond at sunset

still ponding


Harvey and Zion looking at things

Harvey and Zion on the Old North Bridge looking down on the frozen river

cold north bridge

Back on Saturday (before the second blizzard) Harvey, Zion, and I took a trip out to Concord. I wanted some adventure and fresh air, and thought we might go take a look at the Concord river—which, given the persistent cold temperatures, I figured might be frozen over. And it was! Only the cold continued to persist—more than ever, perhaps—and we only walked over the bridge and back before we were all three chilled to the bone and forced back to the car. Oh well; at least Concord center has many other delightful attractions: like the toy store!

Zion sitting in the toy store watching Frozen

another kind of "Frozen"

Harvey likes to go look at Lego sets, but Zion's needs are simpler. Frozen has been playing on that particular television since before Christmas, and we stop by this store every couple weeks; another month or so and he'll have seen the whole movie! Out of sequence, sure, and without sound, but that's the best you can do when you have dirty hippy parents like us. When we tired of toys and television (well, he didn't really tire, but you know) we moved on to the kitchen store. The wall of cookie cutters is almost as engrossing as an animated film.

the boys looking at a wall of cookie cutters

just think of all those cookies...

We also took in the art supply store and the cheese shop, both of which offered not a single item which would have fit in our budget, if we were even looking to buy something. But at least the cheese shop offered delicious smells for free, and the prepared-food counter inspired Zion to ask for tuna salad for supper. In the event—after I made it deli-style with capers and red onion—he declined to eat it, but Harvey and I enjoyed it a great deal. So it was all worth it!


not forgotten

Lijah in the exersaucer in the street in front of our house

our wonderful littlest boy

It's tough being a third child. Harvey and I were looking through the boys' photo pages the other day (see here, here, and here) and I couldn't help but notice that Lijah has a lot fewer shots up than Zion did at a similar age—and never mind Harvey. Then there's the terrible disparity in blog post tag numbers too: 268 to 94 to 19. Ouch, that's a drop-off. So we thought we'd ameliorate the situation just a bit with some photos of our baby that I took over the last 10 months but never managed to post.

Elijah's face looking up

at one month, at a parade

the three boys in our bed

summer morning

Lijah in his bouncy seat, Zion standing next to him making a face

silly brother

Leah holding Lijah, kissing him on the cheek

mama kiss

Leah holding Lijah in her lap, in swimming posture, in the pond


I think the evidence shows that, despite our lack of time to properly document his unique charms, Lijah is well-loved by all his family. Cute too!

He does more things now than he did back in the summer when I took all those shots: just today he was standing up to play with the new toys attached to the library wall. Oh how I wish I'd remembered my camera! I will aim to do better in future; expect a more regular supply of current Elijah content in these pages, and complain to the management if you don't see it!


Thanksgiving in pictures

Zion on a snowy morning

outside early for snow play

Lijah and his cousin in their baby seats in Grandma and Grandpa's living room

bumper baby battle

Grandma's table set for Thanksgiving dinner

ready for the food

Lijah with broccoli bits all over his face

broccoli fan

Harvey, Zion, and their cousin Leighanna working on an art project

cousins at work

trash all over the kitchen floor

Rascal had a party, too


my sons right now - as told in pictures

Zion brought not one but TWO clothes hangers on our trip to Drumlin Farm yesterday. They were both essential to his imaginative play. "This one makes you dead," he told Grandma at lunch, "And this one not makes you dead."

Boom, you're dead! Unless you're magic...

Before three children I might have vetoed the clothes hangers as weapons, or maybe just vetoed them coming to the farm with us. But with a 4-year-old, a toddler, and a 2-month old baby? I was just glad to see Zion wearing shoes and out of his pajamas.

Then today it was warm enough for babies to go without pants! I rejoiced in the first full day Elijah got to spend a onesie. Oh those chubby baby legs!

so many yummy rolls!

Indeed he is irresistable.

Even Zion shows big love for his baby brother. He often asks to hold Elijah. Which looks funny right now, because Elijah is almost half Zion's size (13.5 vs 29 lbs, at their harrowing doctor check-up this week.)

zion holding 2-month elijah

my two babies

Harvey of course leads the way in loving all babies. I wonder how all their relationships will change as they get older. Will the two 90th percentile bruisers team up to sandwich their middle brother? Or will the smallest one be odd-man-out? Or something so different and so wonderful I can't possibly even imagine.

he will love you and protect you like you don't even know

Efforts to capture the three of them together are not much of a success, however.


Yeah, that's pretty much what they look like these days. My singy, squishy, silly three sons.


a couple weeks of phone snapshots

Zion's rain-booted feet splashing in a puddle


Some bloggers take good pictures. And I don't mean like the carefully-composed shots of food you can see all over the place, I mean pictures of real life: beautiful, artistic documentation of everyday hippy existence. Soulemama, for example, or my new favorite hippy lifestyle blog, A Little Craft Nest. Those folks must carry cameras—good cameras!—around with them all the time. I don't do that. But I do have my phone!

Zion, Taya, and Harvey posing by a tall tower of toddler Lego blocks

proud engineers

Sadly, it isn't even a passable camera. I've made a vow to do better with my real one, at least for a couple weeks. But the snapshots in this post are at least documentary, like the one above that shows what our boys and their best friend not names Stevens can accomplish during a single church service. Then we were back to church for an evening meeting and they were less creative (but not at all disruptive!)

Harvey and Eliot sharing an iPhone during a church meeting

their version of child-care

The weather was nice at the start of the month, as the shot that leads off this post shows, but then we were surprised by more snow; not least Harvey's bike, which supposed it was safe to spend the night outside.

Harvey's bike on the front walk well-dusted with snow

we were surprised

Of course, at some point in the period we had a baby. Zion wanted to sleep with him.

Zion and Elijah sleeping in our bed

they sleep sometimes

Baby in tow, we went to the Discovery Museum. Mama said more about that, but she missed a few Dada-Harvey exclusive moments.

Harvey next to his name in nails

science discovery

And just today Harvey, Zion, and I took a bike ride to the creek, which was running high and cold. But oops, I forgot my camera. Here's what my phone recorded.

Harvey and Zion poking sticks into the creek

cold water fishing


exploration pictorial

Harvey and Zion sliding  (carefully) on pond ice

on the water, kind of

I took the day off so Leah could go to a dentist appointment, and the boys and I seized the opportunity for another adventure. We went in search of water, since the last trip didn't deliver so much in that direction; today we took the bike so we could get a little further afield and explored Hartwell Brook, the Shawsheen River, and the Old Bedford Reservoir. Without any further comment, here is our adventure in pictures.

Harvey and Zion in the back of the big bike, well bundled up, outside our house

ready to go

still in the bike, pausing on a bridge overlooking a small river

over Shawsheen River

a kid-free view of the wintery river

a little downstream

the boys posing in front of the Page Rd bridge over the Shawsheen

a pause from playing on the bank

the boys climbing up timber stairs set into a steep hillside in the woods

off the bike...

Harvey and Zion walking on a leaf-covered woodsy path

... and into the woods

Zion sitting astride a big fallen tree trunk

this was his boat for a while

the boys examining a spruce seedling

checking out a baby Christmas tree

a sturdy plank bridge over a tiny stream

this stream is too little to have a name

the frozen surface of the Old Bedford Reservoir

the big water

Harvey standing on the ice

proud of his winter exploration prowess

Harvey standing, Zion fallen down on the ice

oops! still fun though!

Zion got up and, better-mittened, stayed out on the ice until I convinced the boys it was time to head home for lunch. Can you believe it: a three-hour outing and only one small container of crackers for a snack?!

I promised them we'd go back later this winter when the ice is thicker and we can slide all the way across the pond. We're all looking forward to it.


wedding party vacation

the view of the lake from the porch

nice weekend spot

This Labor Day weekend we were lucky enough to be offered an all-expenses-paid trip to a New Hampshire lakeside, in order to celebrate the wedding of our friends Sara and Josh. Uncle Tom and Aunt Nellie had a cabin in the wedding camp, and we didn't have to be asked twice to drop by.

looking down at the boats, dock, and happy boaters

our private cove

Usually when they see water the boys jump right in, but here the boats were a potent distraction.

Harvey at the bow of the canoe on the lake

intrepid boatman

Harvey did great on his second time on a boat, and then also on his third, fourth, fifth... etc. I was glad to head out with him each time. Zion wasn't sure about being out on the water, but he loved the miracle of buoyancy, which let him push his big brother around.

Harvey in the canoe, Zion pushing it

Zion is in the water

Then it was on to the wedding itself, which was also outside.

the crowd walking up to the wedding site through the birches

attractive church architecture

It took some climbing to get up to the site of the ceremony, but the view at the top was worth it—as encouraging home-made signs along the way proclaimed.

the view down to the lake over the heads of the wedding audience

the chapel's not bad either

Outside weddings are well suited to our children's temperaments. Harvey could get some private time when he needed.

Harvey sitting up on a dirt road in his wedding clothes

he wanted some distance

Zion distracted himself by lying down and kicking his feet in the dirt. It was dry enough that the dust brushed right off.

Zion lying on the ground in his wedding clothes

he doesn't mind getting dirty

The reception was back down the hill by the lodge. After a little acclimation (and a lot of hors d'oeuvres) Harvey jumped right into socializing.

Harvey and a new friend playing in the grass

new friends

Those two were well matched, and spent a happy hour carrying dirt, swinging sticks, and knocking each other down. But even new best friends were no competition for cousins.

Harvey running with Nisia in tow

this is called dancing

After hours of partying we started to feel bad for Rascal and made an early exit, unfortunately before pie but just in time to get on the road to our hotel while there was still a bit of light.

the sunset over the wedding reception

gone the sun

Good thing because there's no cell reception up there so navigation was by paper map, and there were some wrong turns in the empty wild darkness before we found our way to refuge at the Best Western in Mt. Sunapee. Relative refuge, at least, because fireworks and a loud party—with bonfire!—right outside our window kept us mostly awake until about 1:30: in solidarity, it turns out, with the folks back at the wedding who similarly partied long into the night.

This prejudiced us against the place a little bit, but Harvey—who slept through all the commotion—was thrilled in the morning both by the big tv and the complimentary continental breakfast. I would have taken some more pictures but my camera ran out of batteries moments after the sunset shot above; and forgetting my charger meant that I couldn't document our second day of boating and lakeside relaxation, supplemented by a second breakfast-slash-lunch courtesy of the wedding establishment. It was all great fun, and it felt much longer than the 31 hours we were actually away from home.