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today's excuses

I have things I'd like to write. Over the weekend I officiated a wedding at a farm on a lake in New Hampshire. Yesterday we spent the day in Lowell exploring canals and museums and trolleys. Plus all the things from last week and before that I don't even remember. But there's not much time, it turns out; not even after the party ends for the day.

the globe lights hanging over the empty picnic table

at the end of today

This evening we had nine adults and six kids (counting us all) over for dinner. I made chili, coleslaw, cornbread, and sourdough bread. Before that the boys and I cleaned the house (pretty much). Zion got stung by something so he couldn't do much cleaning. Before that we biked the nine-mile round-trip to the farmers market. That was after our lunch of hard-boiled eggs, cheese, roasted broccoli, and honey whole wheat bread hot out of the oven. We did school all morning (after chores and walking the dog around the block). Each of the boys wrote a story about the Lowell trip; Harvey drew a map of the living room; Zion counted dimes and pennies while Harvey timed himself on addition facts. When Harvey got frustrated he threw himself backwards and bumped his head pretty badly on the shelf. For breakfast we had biscuits and jam.

Somehow, in all of that, I didn't get a blog post written. Maybe I can copy Harvey's story in tomorrow. He's clearly way ahead of me.

Every season is busy in its own way. I'm delighted to be getting some serious time to do school with the boys, and to have the house cool enough to bake—you can tell how delighted I am by how I go on about it! Maybe once winter settles in we'll have more calm writing time. But I'm not ready for winter until I manage to do a couple building projects outside. So you can see there's a bit of queue. I want to write...


the state of the family, early September

When I look back at my photos from the last month and a bit I despair—so many adventures un-written-about! But then I look at the dirty dishes and adjust my priorities: an unusable kitchen is more serious than a blogging deficit any day, even if it does mean that Zion's "first day" of "school" has to wait to be described until we have a little more time—to say nothing of a terrific last full day of our August camping adventure and our lovely mini-vacation this past weekend.

But all hope isn't lost! Yesterday was the first day of the school year program at church, and I managed to make it all happen the way it was supposed to—a big load off my mind. Even better, Lijah went to his own Kids Church class happily (reasonably happily) and made it through the whole hour-and-a-half without needing us to rescue him! Actually, it seems like he loved it; it may be that he's been waiting his whole life for a chance to play with toys by himself, without his brothers bothering him. Sure, I wouldn't be surprised if we have to deal with some tricky drop-offs over the weeks and months to come—Harvey is in second grade and sometimes has tricky drop-offs, for goodness sake!—but it does feel like we're starting to turn a corner back towards being real humans who can have interests beyond surviving. I'm even working on building a third kid bed!

Maybe I overstate our difficulties: Leah is in the midst of painting the interior trim downstairs (not right this second, but generally) and I'm learning to play guitar, among other useful amusements. But those are only in spare moments amongst piles of laundry and kids' toys and assorted detritus. Just think what things'll be like when we don't need to read to Lijah for two hours every day! We'll be unstopable. And you'll get to read about that camping trip.


stolen moments

Leah and Lijah at the edge of the ocean, looking out to sea

peaceful escape

This time of year seems way too busy. Fun things, burdensome things, routine things—between working and starting homeschooling and never-ending chores in the house and garden there hasn't been much time for peace and reflection lately. So a quick overnight trip to the ocean was just what we needed.

Of course, we had to come back; and the stress and fighting started right up when we walked in the door. But there's fun times to look forward to this week, and maybe we can look at the photos and rocks we brought back with us to recapture a little of that wonderful vacation feeling!

I took maybe 150 pictures, and some of them aren't bad. I hope to write about our recent adventure, and lots more less recent, when I have a minute to think. Someday.



Can't write, sleeping.

being a toddler bed

I had plans for a blog post this evening, but instead spent 45 minutes holding a sleeping Lijah while Leah did real work. Such is the state of affairs around here lately: our almost-two-year-old can only sleep while touching another human. At least he's cuddly!


OK, so it wasn't only bread that took so much of my time last week. Work and hospitality also played a big role in keeping me away from the writing desk. But I can assure you that getting any extra sleep had no role in my lack of blogging time: I haven't made it to bed before 10:30 in close to a week. And before you scoff, if you're a young person who keeps more fashionable hours: I regularly get woken up in the night for tuck-in service, and then I'm up at 6:00. That's not enough sleeping. Yet I keep not going to bed. There's so much to do around here!

two weeks

Harvey and two friends walking down the sidewalk in backpacks and rain boots

hiking buddies

It's not just our day camp that's been occupying all our attention these days. Summer days are full of all sorts of adventures, and by the time the sun is headed down towards the horizon and we're ready to sit still, it's time to go to bed (especially now that I've learned that blue light in the evening negatively affects one's sleeping patterns).

But if I don't write about it, did it even happen? Our brains are so muddled these days there's no chance we'll remember these two weeks next year without written evidence, so I'd better find some time to get blogging again!


interim report

Sometimes having three kids is hard, and together with everything else I want to accomplish makes it impossible to get any writing done. But then there are moments like this evening when, after all three boys played nicely for a little while, Lijah joined me in the kitchen and stood on his high chair playing in the sink while I did the dishes and his big brothets lost themselves in an imaginative game. And then we all watched ten minutes of Frozen before bed. So sometimes delightful and rewarding while still not offering any time to write.

birthdays and other stressors

We're feeling kind of stretched around here these days. It's not so much that the three kids outnumber us, since the older two are good on their own for long stretches of time; but they do like someone to pay attention to them sometimes, and Lijah also requires some attention himself. Does he ever—day and night. After putting him to bed Leah this evening wanted to put in some work on the present she's making for Zion's birthday this weekend, but after the third baby wakeup she gave up in frustration. Just as an example. So there's lots I'd like to write about here that I am not writing, in favor of cleaning and reading to kids and even spending some quality time with Lijah. And, the past few days, getting organized to make birthday cards for Leah.

Because, even as she plans for Zion's party, we couldn't entirely ignore her own birthday today! I managed to pull the boys away from their books Sunday and friends yesterday to make cards, which came out pretty nicely; hopefully their elegance and creativity makes up for our lack of tangible presents for Mama this morning. I still owe her a couple. She's not super excited about her birthday, which I understand; I feel kind of the same way, which is why I was happy to have my own subsumed into Lijah's for the first time last month. The first time of many!

But still I can't let the day pass without marking it here: Happy Birthday Leah! And here's hoping that Lijah will give you the best present a baby can give: a reasonable night's sleep!


holy week

the wooden cross at the front of the church, draped with purple

Good Friday cross

We haven't had much time to think about writing this week. The warmer weather means that we need to spend all the time outside, and then this time of year there's also a lot of good church to do.

Zion at the table set for our Maundy Thursday supper

passover, christian-style

Yesterday we ran a Maundy Thursday service for families. Not too many people ended up being able to come, but everyone who did had a fun time.

me washing Harvey's feet at church, with other kids looking on

he's part of what we're doing

Then this evening we went to the Good Friday service.

a view of the crowd, from the front of the sanctuary

before we got started

7:00 to 8:00 pm is a tough time for the boys, but they did great.

Lijah peeking over Mama's leg during the service

they all stayed awake, for one hour

And our church being the way it is, there was plenty of interactivity to keep their interest.

paper shapes floating in a tin basin of water

joys floating in sorrow

Passover tomorrow with the Jewish grandparents, then we're all set for Easter!